Initiated episode 11

Episode 11

Ada and chioma stood at the doorway panting with fear.

“Ada stop all this drama and come over here now” mama Ada ordered

“I am not your daughter, how can you stand and hear him say he wants to sacrifice your children” Ada responded crying

“The initiation will pave way for me to be crowned queen and also be powerful, I have waited for his day for so long, do not spoil it for me” mama Ada shouted back

“We are the children of our father and we will not join you or your family in any coven” chioma said

“Hahaha your father is no more, King zulu is now your father and he decides what happens” Mama Ada blurted out

“Why didn’t you use other girls for your sacrifice other than your kids”Chioma asked

” because that’s what the spirits want, now come over here” zulu shouted, using his powers to drag them to him.

They were tied down this time around, and Zulu started with the initiation plan.
He placed a charm on their waist and there beads fell off.

“Now cut their palm and give me their blood” zulu ordered

Shiba got the knife and moved forward to cut chioma hand but a force pushed him to the floor.

Everyone gasped in awe.

“What was that” mama Ada asked

“Something is shielding them, i can’t get through” shine said groaning in pains

“Arrrhhhh you are so useless” zulu got furious, he picked the knife and headed to do the work himself, but he was also pushed back.

There was mumbling amongst the members of the coven, mama Ada was now terrified.

Ada and chioma were also shocked. suddenly, chioma heard her name and she turned, she saw her father smilling at her.

“Don’t be scared, search your heart and you will find your strength, You are the princess of Afterlife” papa Ada said.

She was the only one that could hear and see him at the moment. She closed her eyes, clear her mind and started mediating, the rope they were tied with got loosed.

“Impossible, where.. where did she get those powers from” zulu mumured in fear.

“Father do something, my hands still hurts” Shiba cried out

“Who are you” shiba asked, standing up to his feet.

“She is my daughter and princess to the afterlife god” baba Ada voice was heard, And the whole crowd ran into hiding.

“This can’t be true, she can’t be the princess and you, how did you pass through the underworld” mama Ada asked trembling

“Hahaha, you can kill me but not my children, I knew about you late but I made a deal to come back and protect them and the innocent souls” baba Ada said


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