Initiated episode 9

Episode 9

Chioma ran to Baba Chinwe’s house and he assured her the gods and her father’s spirit will be with them no matter what. He also told her she was stronger than she thinks.

It was time for them to follow their mother to her family. The girls were nervous as they weren’t sure of what awaits them, they both drew strength from each other as they followed their mother silently into the dark world.

“We are here,” mama Ada said muttering some words, and the doorway to the cave appeared

Chioma and Ada weren’t scared as they have been to the cave before, they courageously walked behind their mother as she walked majestically like a queen returning to her throne.

“All hail queen Navia” the crowd announced.

“Behold my queen, queen of the spirits, welcome” King Zulu praised

“Mother it’s good to see you,” Shiba said

“Mama where is this place and how come you are queen and who is he,” Ada asked pointing at shiba

“This is your home from today henceforth” mama responded

“Is this like a coven? Chioma asked

” we are the great spirits of the night and you are to be initiated to be a complete family too” mama Ada said

“King zulu here is my husband and Shiba is my son, i would have united you with my family a long time ago but your stupid father just keep getting in my way and I had to get rid of him for your future” mama ada said, now sounding like a true witch.

“Mama, you are the women leader in church,” Ada said, shocked

“Hahaha even satan met with Jesus” mama ada said letting out a wicked laughter.

“Mama how could you, Papa never did anything to you, we are not joining you” chioma said but was cut off by a slap at her left cheek.

” how dare you talk to me that way, do you know what i gave up to be in your stupid village with your stupid father? Mama ada growed at her angrily.

“I was deserted and lost in the wilderness when king Zulu found me, he gave me a new life and I bore him a heir. All he asked of me was to get him knights and Queens from your village, I had to go there and marry your father who was the strongest man in the village then, and I have been initiating people from the village till now. Look around you” Mama ada said proudly

Chioma and Ada looked around and they could see many familiar faces, they were shocked to their bones. No wonder there were lots of evil and deaths in the land. Who would have thought that their mother, the women leader was the Queen of the darkness.


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