Episode one

“Ada… Chioma called out in fear
” what, keep your voice down” Adam

She led the way to the cave holding the old lamp.

Days ago Chioma had seen their mother leaving the house in the middle of the night.
Chioma being a light sleeper was the first to hear the door crack open, she opened her eyes and saw her mother creeping out of the room.

She hurriedly tapped her elder sister Ada. Ada moans sleepily on their bamboo bed.
“What is it? She asked rubbing her eyes.
” I just saw mama going out” with a scared tone she answered.
“So? Maybe she went to pee na” Ada responded angrily and was making way to sleep back.

Chioma wasn’t satisfied, mama always goes out to pee with lamb and she never creeps out of the room.

She knows waking Ada again might amount to her receiving a slap. So she just rested back to bed and waited to see when Mama will return.

Their mother came back early hours of the day, Chioma had slept off by then.

Chioma didn’t know when she slept off, she only woke up to the crow of the c**k.

Cookrookoo…the c**k crowed again.

“Adanwa, Chioma will you girls wake up or I should come serve you in bed” Mama Ada called out

The two girls sluggishly got up from the bed. They never make the mistake of letting their mother call them more than once without a reply.

“Good morning mama” the girls greeted and went about their daily chores.

Mama Ada gave them orders of things to do for the day before she headed out to her market.

Chioma kept wondering about what she saw last night. She has always been an inquisitive young girl.

” I will follow her this night to find out,” she said to herself.

Episode 2

Night came and as expected Mama Ada had left her bed, making sure to check if the girls were aound asleep before she tiptoe out of the room.

Chioma quickly jumped up and tapped Ada.

“Ada stand up quick, mama is going again” she beckoned on her sister.

“Going where, see leave me to sleep abeg” she said changing her sleeping posture.

“I am going to follow her o” she immediately stood up taking the lamb.

Ada jumbed up from the bed, what kind of evil girl is this! She had thought.

“Mama will kill me if I ever let her go out this night by herself” so she quickly got up and followed chioma

“Where did you say mama is going to? Ada asked while stretching her body.

” I don’t know, let’s follow her footstep” chioma replied.

The two girls walked in silence, looking back and front in fear..until the footstep led them to a cave.

“Is that a cave, how comes we have never seen it before in this village” Chioma asked feeling unease.

” why are you asking me, you said you want to follow mama, oya go inside last born. Shey you want to s**k b****t” Ada started lamenting.

“Ada keep your voice down now, take this lamb and go inside first, or should we call mama from here? She asked with a trembling voice.

” Call her na, because you are the only one with a mother in this village, if one Ogbanje come out eh, I will just run and leave you” ada collected the lamb with a grin.

Chioma can be very curious but never brave enough to push further.

Ada led the way and just few minutes in Chioma tapped her from behind.

“Ada see” pointing out to a direction.

” shhhhh bring down your voice, what’s it? She asked turning to the direction chioma was pointing at.

The two girls froze by the number of people in front of them.

“Aahhhhhhh….they both screamed and passed out.

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