Initiated episode 12

Episode 12

There was tension in the cave as everyone look from zulu to mama Ada and baba Ada.

“I got to know you were evil when i followed you one of those nights you sneak to your meetings. The day I saw it I was broken and for me to stop you I went to the goddess of after life and asked her for powers to reveal your evil doings.” Baba Ada said looking at mama Ada.

“The goddess said she was going to give a daughter instead who will grow to be her priestess and i agreed. She blessed me with Chioma” can’t Ada added.

“Hahaha he is lying, I have lived with Chioma for 14years And she has never shown any sign of powers” mama Ada mockery

“That’s because it wasn’t yet the right time for her to reveal it, she is ready now” baba Ada replied with confidence

“Father kill them now…they only have chioma, you have the coven and me” Shiba had cried out

“Navia what do you say, should we kill them instead” zulu asked staring at mama Ada

“Would I still be your queen and get my powers” she asked

“Yes of course, who else is worthy of rulling the dark night coven with me” zulu replied

“Is that what he promise you in return for your daughters? Oh woman you have been fooled” Bala Ada said laughing.

“What do you mean, zulu can’t fool me” Mama ada said doubting

“Do not let him get into your head, we are your family and not them, you have your son here and me with your disciples ready to bow before you” zulu tried convincing her

“Do you remember the night you gave birth to your son? Baba ada inquired

” No I was unconscious after I gave birth to him” mama Ada replied, still not sure where this was heading to.

“You were unconscious because zulu wiped out your memory, he sacrificed your son and made you believe Shiba his son was yours” baba Ada revealed

“Haha, you are lying..zulu? Mama ada was shivering and hoping it was a lie.

She looked at zulu but he made no move to deny it, she broke down crying.

” oh pls get over it woman, you needed power not children” zulu said feeling irritated

“How could you, you killed my son and now you want to kill my daughters too” mama Ada continued crying

“And you can’t be the queen as you are not the mother to the heir of dark night” shiba said

Mama Ada couldnot believe her ears, all these years she had wasted, they only used her to achieve their goal. She fell down weeping more.

“Phewww hey get those girls and let’s just sacrifice them, I don’t need them initiated anymore.” Zulu ordered


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