Strange But True episode 11

strange but True
Episode 11

I began to wonder why my mother will try to chase us out of the house knowing that my father is the head of the family.

I really didn’t understand, till my father told me that his wife was the one paying the rent and taking care of the house when he lost his job.

I couldn’t continue my school when my father lost his job and then my mother refused to help so I stayed home while I watched my brother finish and graduated with a second class upper.

nothing is ever too late but I know I will go places without my parents help. the meeting shattered, the elders and women who came visiting couldn’t hold my mother down.

I pleaded with my father for us to leave the house for peace to rain knowing that fully well that we had no place to go.

my mother humiliated I and my father, I began to regret coming back to that house. my father didn’t even acknowledge my brother anymore, beside he was my mother puppet.

we watched her move inside the house while she dragged my brother with her, leaving the rest of us outside to our fate.

occasionally she has embarrassed my father before but I took it like a normal couples fight but I never knew she was disrespecting my father.

I lost hope already on life, if I don’t have where to put my head at night how do I go to work with a happy face? I asked myself.

I decided to call the publishing firm concerning my present predicament.

“wait Benita you mean you didn’t read the contract completely?”, my boss said.

“noy really sir, I was just excited that I got the job have been praying for”, I replied.

“well its fine, let me summarize the contract for you. firstly your book you sent to us for review got our eyes and we want to sponsor and spread so many copies across the country and secondly you have an apartment and a car given to you by the company waiting for you as soon as you start the job”, my boss said.

“really? I can’t believe this, Jesus! sir you mean if I start I can move into the house?”, I asked to be sure.

“yes you will, and please start soon because we need to discuss concerning your book. there is a biding war going on here in the firm, we are going to make so much money from it”, he said.

“thank you so much sir, I will start right away”, I replied before the call ended.

I quickly lost interest in taking my clothes from the house because my mother refused to let us inside after so much begging.

I told me father about the good news and took him with me, to be honest that was the last time I set my eyes on my brother and mother.

I had some money left with me, so I and my father went to a guest house to sleep for the night. the next morning as soon as 6am I was ready to leave for work with same dress I was putting on.

I didn’t mind I just wanted my father be okay, when I got to work I became the center of attraction to other employees. what I was wearing looked tacky and I wasn’t ashamed because I was here for business and to have a better life.

I got to the bosses office and he was surprised to see me, we had few talk and he gave me the keys to the apartment and the keys to the car.

well i didn’t know how to drive but that wasn’t a problem, they appointed a driver to me and there onward my life changed.

I and my father moved to the apartment, I was thrilled to see where I was staying.
well furnished apartment and designed kitchen, now I know why money is good.

work was going well and my book was published, I got so many calls from schools, companies, and large amount of funds from my book.

who would have thought that I will get to this point in my life.
at the other hand, I could get hold of Kenneth to share my recent experience.

my boss Rex was an amazing person, normally they don’t employ an undergraduate but my ideas and how smart I was, changed everything.
I further my education and I studied hard to ace all my test and exams.

Rex and I began to see eye to eye, I was always close to him because he wanted me to be. almost all the ladies in that firm lust over Rex my boss, besides he is handsome and wealthy who wouldn’t want to have a man like him.

Rex would sweep me off my feet with any chance he gets and this made so many employees jealous.

To be continued…
© Tishania Ginikachi

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