Strange But True episode 3&4

Episode 3

I ran to my father to hold him down since was jerking, it felt he was going to die. I didn’t want to loose My father die to the abominable act of my mother and my brother.

At the other hand they were trying to put on their clothes to hide their naked bodies, but ot was too late.

I quickly called on the neighbors to helo us take my father to the hospital leaving my mother and brother to their fate.

I hated the fact that my father never believed and yet he had to witness it and land himself in the hospital.

I stayed I the hospital for 3 days with my father who was lying on the hospital bed unconscious.
I prayed for God’s intervention in his life but it felt like it wasn’t my prayers weren’t heard.

I cried aimlessly before the doctor walked into the room woth a file.

“doctor will my father be okay?”, i curiously asked.

“his condition is critical and his heart is not beating like its regular state, we will have to keep an eye om him to see how he respond to treatment”, the doctor replied.

I was left with no strength, no were to turn to. my mother never visited the hospital for 3 days, even my brother never came to check on his father.

I began to wonder what kind of people were they and why would they indulge in such act.

so many questions going through my head but no answers where given, I decided to go home and freshen up and bring new set of clothes for my father.

I got home and the first thing that greeted me was my mother’s undies lying around the living room.

I began to hear soft mo@n and flapping sounds in the other side of the house.

when I go closer I realized it was coming from my brothers room.

Episode 4

I watched how my mother was enjoying something that wasn’t meant for her. My brother was lost in his world with her forgetting our father, it’s such a shame to see them playing a nasty game.

I quickly freshened up and prepared something for my father in order to feed him when I get to the hospital.

I was about stepping out of the house when my mother blocked the door leading to the gate.

“Where do you think your going?”, My mother asked angrily.

“Am going to he hospital to see my father”, i said trying to escape from more questions, looking at her made me feel so much disgust.

“You think your better than I am or any of us, I will make sure you suffer for all the pain you caused”, she said.

“I never caused any pain, you and kunle brought this upon father and he is siffering because he felt betrayed by his own wife”, i replied.

Before I knew what was happening she gave me a sound slap, making the food flax fall from my hands and I watched all the food laid to waste.

“Let this be a warm up for you, you will receive more slap and beating when your done with your good girl act towards that cabbage called a man”, she ranted and walked away.

I had no option than to make something else and package it for my father.

I watched how kunle was unable to talk or even follow me to the hospital, he just stood there looking at me and being controlled by our mother.

I rushed to the hospital to check on the health of my father, but on getting there the doctor called me to his office to explain things to me.

“Your father may not be able to make it, we examined him closely and we found out that his kidney has been ruptured due to a certain substance that was found in his system and I believe he has been taking a chemical substances without your knowledge”, the doctor said.

“Sir am not aware of that, but what can we do to save him?”, I asked.

“Getting a new kidney is nit the problem, but after the surgery he has a slim chance of being alive”, he added.

It dawned on me that all the fruity drink she has been giving my father was spikes with a chemical substances that has damaged his kidney.

To be continued
© Tishania Ginikachi

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