Strange But True episode 13&14

Strange but True
Episode 13

After work hours, I quickly drove home to share the news with my father. He was equally stunned, he never thought we would come across Kenneth.

I wasn’t expecting to see him but I really wanted to respect my boundaries I never interfere with family matters anymore.

Few weeks later, Rex finally popped the big question and I obliged.
My father was happy with my decision, though I want done with school yet but I was close to my finals.

Visiting his parents after the proposal was magical, they loved me and accepted me with open arms.
It felt like they have been waiting for me all their life’s.

Wedding preparation started and I wished my mother and brother was here with me.

I wanted a simple and small wedding, nothing too expensive.
Red didn’t have problems with that, he loved all my plans and arrangement.

Few days to the wedding I came across kunle, I was driving down to the bridal shop when I caught sight of him crossing the road.

He was looking so tired, sick and pale. He doesn’t look like the kunle that was once my brother, I first began to doubt if he was the one but I made effort to call out his name, then he turned to see who it was.

He was shocked to see me, he ran towards me.

“Benita is this you?”, he asked.

“Of course, I had doubted it was you. I had to call out your name to make sure”, I replied.

“Wow Benita you look good, is this your car?”, he asked while scanning the car with me inside.

“Yes it’s mine”, I replied smiling.

“Wow, you must be living well now”, he said with a sad face.

“Yeah, how is mother?”, I asked.

He gave a frown before he could speak “hm, mother is dead”, he replied with tears rolling down his eyes.

Strange but True
Episode 14

“Dead?”, I asked in shock.

“Yes, she died shortly after I lost the big project I was working on them. First I lost my project and then she died, leaving without you and father was difficult. I tried reaching you but it felt like you don’t use that line anymore”, he revealed.

“Yes I don’t use that line anymore, wow this is too much to bare. I warned you kunle to stop your deceitful act with mother but you refused now look at where it has landed you”, I responded.

“Everyday I cry myself to sleep knowing that my evil act scares me at night, I no longer have peace not even for a little while”, he replied.

“Please I want you to forgive me, am deeply sorry for the pains I cost you and father, please forgive me”, he pleaded going down on his knees not minding the moving cars on the road.

“You are my brother, I have been thinking about you for so long hoping for you to return to God and stop the evil act you indulged yourself. Now am finally happy to see that you have turned a new leaf”, I replied.

“I forgive kunle, please stand up”, I added.

“Thank you so much”, he replied.

“You also need to ask father for his forgiveness, I know it won’t be easy but you have to”, I emphasized.

“Please take me to him”, he replied.

I was happy in my heart, knowing that my family that was once torn apart will be brought together again. Knowing the fact that mother died broke my heart into pieces.

I quickly stopped at the bridal shop to pick up my dress and then we drove home.

Kunle was amazed at the kind of luxurious apartment I stay, he kept looking at everywhere till I we got into the living room.

He sat down but he never stopped admiring the art works and lovely interior designs.

Shortly I went in and brought my father out to see who came visiting.

“Benita what’s going on here?”, he asked surprised to see kunle.

“Father please hear him out”, I pleaded.

Kunle began to plead with father, this happened for while before my father gained a soft spot for him till he accepted his apologize.

Then I realized family was indeed everything at the end.

My father was quit sad after hearing his wife was no more, it brought more pains and tears to him.

“Father its okay, it hurts so bad. But we your Childern are here for you”, I consoled him.

He smiled and we celebrated our unity, I had to package kunle for my upcoming wedding.
I wanted him to look the best and feel the best, after every packaging…I introduced him to my fiance Rex and he was delighted to meet him.

Two days before my wedding, one cold and windy night. I was caught in the web of choosing between Rex and Kenneth.

Choosing between Rex and Kenneth was one of the hardest thing to do.

Kenneth showed up in my house one day looking pale and stressed. I was shocked to see him, besides how did he know my house? And why is he here?

I just kept asking myself plenty questions but no answers to them.

“Benita sorry for showing up on announced”, he starmmered.

“Are you feeling alright?”, I asked him.

“I don’t even know what I feel right now Benita, I really need to talk to you about something “, he said shivering.

I knew he was feeling really cold due to the windy weather.

“Sure come in, let’s talk”, I said while I invited him in.

“What should I serve you? Wine, whiskey or fruit juice?”, I asked.

“Whiskey will be fine”, he replied.

I quickly served him and then we started a conversation I wished I never had.

To be continued…
Tishania Ginikachi.

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