Strange But True episode 17&18

Strange but true
Episode 17

I couldn’t think straight, I talked with Rex for a moment.
We discussed how the wedding decorations and event would look like.

I acted like nothing happened earlier, it was better that way.

I got home, hoping to relax with a glass of wine in my hands but getting there I met my father deep into thoughts.

“What’s going on?”, I asked my father.

“Kenneth was here earlier and his attitude was nice at all, he didn’t seem like the Kenneth I knew back in the hospital”, my father said.

“What did he say to you?”, I asked curiously, while I sat down for comfort.

“He told me you have to accept him if not you will never be able to tell what will happen next”, my father revealed.

“What? Has this guy gone mad?”, I yelled.

I grabbed my bag and car keys heading back to the car, I could hear my father calling out my name but I didn’t stop.

I drove down to Rex’s family house, since rex and Kenneth are brothers therefore their parents has to know what their son was planning.

When I arrived the compound was calm, too calm for my liking.
Usually there were so many servant moving around the place, attending to their various choirs but it was different.

I could see Kenneth’s car, so definitely he was around.

I quickly hurried into the house, and I got the shock of my life.

“Surprise!!!!”, the whole family shouted, including Rex snd Kenneth.

“What’s going on here rex? I just left you in the office not too long, how did you get here?”, I asked in shock.

“We wanted to surprise you, we learnt you where friends with Kenneth before abd how you had a chemistry with him so we decided to put you on a test, to see if you truly love Rex”, Their mother said.

“What?”, I exclaimed.

“Yes, we wanted to see the kind of person you and we where shocked to see how bold and defensive you are towards your own, we are so proud of you and Rex for making a great choice”, their father revealed.

I was under the weather immediately, I couldn’t understand what was going on. How could they put me to test like I was one beggar they picked from the street.

I had potentials before I was given the job, so why put me in this kind of stress?

“Rex I can’t believe you did this to me, why put me on a test? Why stress me to be with you?”, I asked.

“My parents wanted to know you and how well you can manage a situation when it gets tough”, he explained.

“You do everything your parents tells you to do, without even thinking if the next person is mentally stable for this. I had to go through all this just to be with you?”, I said.

“Am so sorry baby”, rex pleaded.

“Am so sorry Benita, I really didn’t want to do it, but they gave me no option and I had to. Please don’t be mad at me”, Kenneth pleaded.

“You know what, I can’t do this anymore. Rex I can’t marry you, look for someone who will keep going through difficult times just to be with you”, I said before walking out for the house.

I could hear so many side talks and Rex pleading from behind.

Kenneth ran to my car to apologize, but it was too late. I know my worth and I know what I have offered to the company since my arrival, no man has the right to make me feel like am not enough.

You should think that way when a man tried to put you to test, or challenge your self worth.

Strange but True
Episode 18 (final episode)

I got home and revealed everything to my father, he wasn’t pleased with what they did.

Rex had given me up to 12 missed calls, he wouldn’t let my phone rest till I switched it off.

I told him how bad I wanted to quit work and stat my life afresh but he warned me not to.

“You have to marry Rex, I know you love him and you care for him not because of money but because of your genuine heart”, he said.

“Yes I love him but why will he do that to me?”, I asked in frustration.

“It’s basically life, people intend to know ones true intention in so many ways and i believe they wanted to know yours. You have won their hearts”, he replied.

“What do I do now? I left their angrily”, I said.

“You have to hear out and accept him, your wedding is tomorrow Benita. Don’t break the poor guys heart like that”, he suggested.

I was deep in thoughts, I didn’t like the fact they played me like that. Am not just any girl, am different and I love people genuinely for who they are.

Later that evening, I turned on my phone. Suddenly Rex call came in and I had Jo option than to pick his call.

“Baby please am so sorry for the stunt I pulled, am really sorry”, he begged.

“Your a man you should know when people love you genuinely, you don’t need a test to prove it to you”, I scolded.

“Am sorry my love, it won’t happen again. I regret my actions, please take me back into your life”, he pleaded.

“It fine, I love you so much. I care about you deeply and I know you love me too”, I said.

“Thanks baby I love you so much, our wedding is tomorrow I can’t wait to be with you, and you in my arms”, he said.

“Can’t wait for you to be my husband, tomorrow is the deal day to forever”, I replied.

I was so happy within, I was at peace with myself. I slept off immediately and the next day I was awake by the sound of my brother and father singing for me.

I was so happy that I was getting married, my glam crew had to come early.

I got fully glammed and dressed for my big day, marrying rex was one of the best things life threw at me.

We got married, spent our first three months in Paris.

Life became bigger and better for us, I got my brother a new job that skyrocket his project.

My father spent his life in Canada, he found a new live Clara a Canadian beauty.

Love was in the air and everywhere, I was happy for my father. If he could find love so can you never look down on yourself because of your present situation.

Life is different and it plays trick, learn new tricks and push forward.

The end.

Tishania Ginikachi

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