Strange But True episode 12

Strange but True
Episode 12
We fell head over heels with each other, each day coming to work was amazing. We go on dates, outings, and some other places to get to know ourselves better.

My book became one of the best seller, and my father was proud of me.

One day at work, while I was busy attending to a client. Kenneth walked into the hall and I caught sight of him.

At first I wasn’t sure he was the one because he has grown so much beards on his face, and he became more thick than he was before.

Don’t get me wrong my new found love Rex is really handsome, his muscular, wealthy, a fashion freak when it comes to designer clothes, perfume, shoes, wristwatches and many more.

When he got closer I know it was Kenneth, he walked pass me and went straight to Rex office.

After attending to a client, I was called into the office by Rex assistant.

“Ken, let me show you my baby boo, my love and precious beauty”, Rex began to introduce me even before I walked into his office, I could hear him reigning more sweet words on me.

“Just look at my beautiful love”, Rex said while hugging me.

Kenneth was shocked, he couldn’t say anything. I was also surprised at what was going on because i have no idea.

“Benita!” Kenneth said.

“Kenneth!”, I echoed.

“Do you two know each other?”, Rex puzzled.

“Yes, he was the guy I told you about. That help I and my father in the hospital”, I said.

“Oh what a small world, Kenneth here is my Brother”, Rex revealed.

“Huh!”, I was shocked.

“Yeah, rex and I are siblings. Rex is my older brother, he love to most things together let’s say where inseparable”, Kenneth revealed.

“Wow great, I didn’t i have any means of communication with you and I couldn’t get to you, at least to check up on you and appreciate you for all you did for I and my father”, I said.

“Oh Benita, sorry I didn’t leave my number for you.”, He said.

“So how did your wedding go? How is Jane?”, I asked while seating down on the chair next to Kenneth.

His face turned pale, and he was sad the next minute. I began to wonder what I said wrong.

“She’s fine, the wedding was great”, he replied sadly.

“Hm! Are you okay?”, I asked.

“His fine his just overwhelmed of seeing you again”, Rex pitched in.

I know rex is trying to cover up for his brother, but I know something was definitely wrong.

To be continued….
Tishania Ginikachi

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