Strange But True episode 7&8

Strange but true
Episode 7

I quickly requested to see my father even if they wouldn’t let me into his room at least I could be at the other side of the door and check on him.

I was so happy to see my father’s peaceful face, I couldn’t thank God enough.

I thanked the young doctor, and he was pleased to help.

I wanted to go home and share the good news but something kept telling me not to. Besides no one cares about him at him, I was my father’s only hope.

I never told anyone about my father’s recovery, I kept going home to refreshen up and after that I hurry back to the hospital.

Each time I go home no ever ask of him, my brother was less concerned.
My mother is not even worries about her husband, she’s always in my brothers room.

One evening I came back from the hospital to freshen up and make something to eat but my mother stopped me from using the kitchen.

I began to ask why, but she ended up pouring the ingredients I wanted to use into the waste bin.

She made my little stay in the house unbearable for me, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I decided to get few of my clothes and few of my father’s clothes since I was the only there with him in the hospital.

That day I arrived the hospital in tears after the whole quarrel, Kenneth saw me and was worried.

“Tell me what’s the problem?”, He asked while we walked to his office.

I told him all that had happened and he was furious, I could see how irritated he got after hearing what happened.

“This is insane, after all the nasty things she has been doing she still makes you look like the bad person while she plays the victim card”, Kenneth said.

“Am tired, am no more safe in that house anymore. How do I bring food for my father to eat?”, I asked.

“Dont worry that will be taken care of”, Kenneth replied.

I nodded and just wiped the tears from my eyes, I and Kenneth talked for a long time till the hours of the night before I retired to my father room.

I began to feel goosebumps, and butterflies after the very lenty discussion I had with Kenneth.

It was one of the nicest moment since my life turned into a living hell.
Strange but True

Episode 8

For some days my father got better, he ate well and I kept him company all the time.

All thanks to Kenneth who never wanted us to get hungry, my father got fond of him.

He told my father got so addicted with all the stories Kenneth told him..

But one thing was strange about this you get doctor, he never talk about his family even when I tried to know him better he always skip that part.

My mother never called or swing by the hospital, well I wasn’t expecting her to anyways. My brother was just the worse, how could he even sleep peacefully after committing such act with our mother.

I was having a fun conversation with my father when he started crying uncontrollably.

“Father what’s the problem? Why are you crying”, I asked.

“Am just thinking about how my family grew apart this terrible way without my notice”, he replied.

“It’s not your fault, you have been a good father to me and my brother”, I added.

“I could have done better, I can’t believe my wife would do this kind of thing to me. She never cared she even poisoned me slowly”, my father wept.

“Father please stop, you need to calm down your health is more important now. Mother has some explaining to do, and I don’t understand why she will do such a thing”, I said.

“Well i have a confession to make”, my father said.

“What’s that?”, I asked.

“kunle is not your biological brother, he took refuge in our arms when saw him wondering on as a little boy”, my father revealed.

I was speechless, I couldn’t even blink for a second.

“What!”, I exclaimed.

“Yes kunle was just 4 years old when saw him on the road, he was almost half dead when we picked him to help him. No one around the scenerio helped, all they did was to video him and post on social media while he was dying”, my father revealed.

“We picked him up and rushed him to the hospital, luckily we was still alive and responded to treatment. At the other hand we tried to find his parents but they were died, he Aunty never wanted him she was the one that inflected pain on him that almost lead to his death”, my father added.

“What? So kunle is not in anyway related to me?”, I asked to be sure.

“Yes his not, my wife got fond of him and loved him as her own. I never knew that love became an obessession to her, I was just so blind to see all the signs”, my father replied.

“Wow, I can’t believe this. Now I see”, I pitched in.

“When she had you, it was another bundle of joy for us and I was excited for God’s blessings”, he said.

“Father please don’t ever think that you are at fault, you are more than what I asked for and am happy you survived. We have to think about what to do next because mother doesn’t even know you okay and she kicked me out of the house”, I said.

“Okay, I know what to do. Just be patient, am sorry I didn’t believe you when you told me what happened”, my father pleaded.

“It’s okay, am pleased to see you in great shape”, I replied.

“I thank God for bring Kenneth your way, his a fine young man and I think his really into you”, my father revealed.

“Huh! Am not sure about that”, I replied.

“Your very funny Benita, Kenneth is so much into you and I think you like him too. Just act matured and you will see how he will open up like a flower”, he added.

I and my father had a very funny and long conversation that evening, I began to wonder if truly Kenneth likes me.

Besides I don’t even know if am his spec or not, his too handsome and advanced for a girl like me.

Later that evening, I showered and wore one of my best gowns. I walked down to his office to check up on him as usual, but when I got there I saw a very beautiful young girl seating on his office chair waiting for him.

I won’t lie this is the kind of spec that suits Kenneth not me in my cheap clothes and perfume.

The way this lady dressed, I could tell her outfit could pay for my one month feeding. Not to even talk about the jewelries and her hand bag, God help me.

“Hey, who are you looking for?”, She asked.

“Am looking for Kenneth”, I replied.

“He just stepped out to attend to a patient, hat do you need him for?”, She asked.

Her english is so polished, I could tell she school in England.

“Okay, am a patient here I just needed to explain something to him”, I said trying to leave.

Just then Kenneth walked in and I could tell he was happy to see me.

“Hey”, I said.

“How are you? You look so beautiful this evening what’s the secret?”, He asked dragging me into his office.

“Nothing it’s God that’s my secret weapon”, I replied.

“Hey honey meet Benita a friend of mine and Benita this is my fiancee Jane”, he introduced.

“Huh! Fiancee?” I asked in shocked.

“Nice to meet you Benita”, she voiced out.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran out of the office. I ran of the hospital to get some air, I can’t believe he has a fiancee.

To be continued..
© Tishania Ginikachi

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