Strange But True episode 15&16

Strange but True
Episode 15

“Benita please I have been thinking about this for a very long time since I stopped going to the hospital”, he stated.

“And what have you been thinking of?”, I asked.

“Have been thinking of you “, he revealed.

The moment he stated those words I became tensed and uncomfortable.

“How do you mean?”, I asked.

“Right from the moment I saw at the hospital I was moved to help you, not just because I needed to buy because I gained a soft spot for you. You are different from most girls I have seen and came in contact with, I really want to be with you and share my life with you”, he revealed.

“Ah Kenneth! What are you saying?”, I asked still in awe of what was going on.

“I mean I love you Benita and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want you to be my wife”, he emphasized.

“Jesus! Kenneth, are you sure you know what your doing? Because in two days time i will be your brother’s wife, besides what do you want me to say?”, I asked.

“I know and I should have come to you earlier to tell you how is feel. I don’t mean to mess up your plans but I will love you to say yes to me”, he replied.

“Wait what about Jane your fiancee?”, I asked him.

“I dated Jane for a year and six months, I loved her so much. I never knew she was a con artist (scammer). She took a huge amount of money that was supposed to be for our wedding and vanished,leaving a letter saying she never loved me”, he stated as tears rolled down his eyes.

I began to feel his pain and I gave a tissue towel to wipe his tears.

“I have wanted you for so long, even right in the hospital. I liked you and wanted you to be mine but you where head over heels with your fiancee Jane. So what do you want from me now? To leave Rex your brother and marry you?” I asked.

“Am really sorry Benita, I knew you liked me but I couldn’t leave Jane to be with you”, he replied.

“That’s the same way I can’t leave Rex to be with you, please Kenneth an done with this conversation. Leave my house”, I said with tears and rage in my eyes.

“Benita it hasn’t gotten to this, please just think about it. Remember i saved your father’s life, choose between who saves life and a job giver”, he stated before he stood up to leave my house.

I was dumbfounded, how can choose between who saves life and a job giver?

Strange but True
Episode 16

I sat down thinking about all Kenneth said, I looked at the time it was past 2am in the morning.

I rushed to my room to sleep, I was having headache due to too much thinking.

The next day was Thursday, I was still pondering on what to do. Kenneth saved my father’s life without me paying for it, and then he left me.

At the other hand, Rex offered me a job that has changed my life completely. How would I do this without hurting one person?

I was moved to call Kenneth but at a second thought, why would I be confuse about this knowing that my heart wants only one person.

I drove to Rex office, I just want to have a simple conversation with him, but on getting there I met Rex and Kenneth having a heated argument.

I was just close to the door when I overheard their argument.

“Why will you go to her house?”, Rex yelled.

“Why won’t I? She is the one my heart beats for and long for. Besides I saved her father’s life”, Kenneth replied.

“Damnit you own the hospital Kenneth, you are a philanthropist. You help people for a living why pining it on her”, Rex yelled.

I bursted into the office because it was getting too much.

“Kenneth you own that hospital?”, I asked sadly.

“Yes I do, I didn’t mean for you to know this way”, he mumbled.

“That’s why you refused to share some stories about your life to me. You hide everything from me even when I asked you but you waved off the topic and now this?”, I echoed.

“Am sorry Benita, I didn’t mean..”, he pleaded before I Interrupted him.

“Don’t even start, you want me to leave your brother Rex and please you by marrying you”, I said.

“I want you to willing marry me and not please me”, he responded.

“That will not happen, why are you this cruel?”, Rex yelled.

“Rex baby calm down, Kenneth I can’t marry you”, I said.

“But I saved your father’s life, I saved him”, he replied.

“I know you did, but your pinning it on me. You don’t even care if I will be sad or happy marrying you all you just care about is yourself and am sick of it”, I echoed.

“Now send me the whole bill of my father’s treatment and other things you did in your hospital and I will wire the money to you”, I added.

Rex was shock to see my reaction, I could tell he was pleased to see me act like that. Kenneth couldn’t believe his ears, I sat down to rest my feet.

“That’s what you want to do?”, Kenneth muttered.

“Yes, since your holding me ransom for the help you offered, I want to relieve myself”, I replied.

“You can do whatever you want but I promise you that you won’t marry Rex”, he echoed before leaving the office.

I was stunned, “what have I gotten myself into?”, I asked myself.

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To be continued…
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