Strange But True πŸ”ž

Strange but True
Episode 1

Mother has this obsession with my brother, she never wanted him to even get married.

Each time she sees a girl hanging out with him she will make sure that relationship ends in split of seconds.

Right from when we all grew up as kids she made sure he gets the most valuable things much more than I did, he was the apple of my mother’s eyes.

my father thought she was looking out for their son but it was the opposite. She never rested till kunle my brother turned 29 and yet not married.

Nevertheless, kunle got fed up with the control of our mother and decided to move out of the house to his own apartment but mother objected.

Some night later, I was tired of pressing my phone. I decided to get something from kunle’s room when I overheard some funny noise coming from his room.

It was like a soft mourn and a bit of pleasure in it, I tried opening the door but I noticed it was closed.

I decided to move back to my room since the door was being opened some seconds later.

I peeped through a small hole from room door and saw my mother coming out from kunle’s room with her night wear slightly rough.

This happened for like many night till the day they forgot to lock the door, I slightly opened the door and found my mother undressed while kunle my brother was foundling her brea_ts.

Episode 2

I tip toed back to my room, I was shocked at what I saw. The memories of a loving mother vanished from my head and heart, how could she be this cruel?

Later the next day I told my father about it and he couldn’t believe it, he even told laid a curse on me for lying against his wife.

I became the enemy in the family, my father hated me, my brother disliked me and same goes to my mother. Her hatred towards me was worse, I began to Wonder what kind of family I was birthed into.

Their nasty a t continued and I couldn’t bare it any longer so I decided to move out from the house.

The night before I was planning on moving out, I saw my mother spiking my father fruity drink.

It dawned on me, this whole time my father has been sleeping like a log of wood, not even noticing when his wife sneaks into their sons room.

When my mother left the kitchen, I went in and changed the fruity drink into a different one. She took the drink to my father that night and hoped for him to sleep like a baby.

I kept monitoring the door and movement going on, I think my dad slept a little but later woke in the middle of the night on search of his wife.

I watched him moving from door to door, I noticed when he entered mine to check on me but I had to pretend like I was fast asleep.

Soon he got into my brothers room, they still forgot to lock the door.

Once my father saw the abominable act his wife and son was committing his heart couldn’t take it anymore.

To be continued….
Β© Tishania Ginikachi

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