Strange But True episode 5&6

Episode 5

I couldn’t bare the pain of loosing my father, it will take me back to another state of pure suffering and trauma.

Am just 20 years old and I really don’t know much about all these things. I rushed home to tell my mother and brother the bad news and see if they could be of help to me.

“Mom please dad needs help with a new kidney and i can’t do everything”, I said.

“No you will do everything yourself, since you want to be the good egg of the family you will suffer and do everything yourself “, she stated.

“Please brother help me, even if it’s little money so I can add up with my savings to pay some bills in the hospital and get a new kidney for our father”, I pleaded.

“Benita I can’t help you, I have a project am working on and helping a sick old man is not what am ready for”, my brother said before walking out of the room.

I looked at my mother with tears in my eyes, seeing her as the only hope I have. She equally walked out of the room and leaving me to my fate.

I walked down to the hospital with tear flowing from my eyes, I didn’t even know when I stumbled upon the youngest doctor in the hospital.

He should be in his late 20’s he was so handsome and calm, he was different from the other doctor I spoke to.
He took me to his office and gave me a sanitized tissue towel to wipe my eyes.

“What’s the problem young lady”, he asked while he seated half way on his desk.

I looked at him for a while and I couldn’t bring myself to tell him what has befell my family. I quickly told him about my father’s health, and how I wasn’t able to raise money, before I knew what was happening the doctor called on the emergency team to conduct a surgery on my father and ensure he was fine.

I couldn’t speak, I was cold for a moment. Could this be God working?

Episode 6

I was shocked on how God could works in mysterious ways, I thanked the young doctor for his kindness.

“You don’t have to worry, your father is in safe hands now. But how can a you g girl like you cater for the welfare of your father?”, He asked.

My face turned blue, I couldn’t reply him. I couldn’t reveal the bad things going on in my family, I was so calm and unable to talk.

“You have to tell me what’s going on, I just went all out for you. You know I will be signing some papers on behalf of your guardian so please tell me what’s going on?” He asked curiously.

“Okay I will tell you everything but please don’t judge me or my family”, I pleaded.

” I won’t, just tell me what’s going on”, he added.

I calmly opened up to him, telling everything but the truth.

He was starstruck, he couldn’t believe his ears. “Wait tell me you are joking”, he asked.

“No am not, thats what led to my fathers sudden attack”, I revealed.

“Am really sorry you have to pass through all this alone without any help from your family”, he pleaded.

“It’s fine sir, I thank God for bringing you my way. Helping me the moment I needed help the most”, I said.

“It’s okay, am a philanthropist. I love to help those who are in need”, the young doctor said.

“I didn’t catch your name young lady”, he asked.

“My name is Benita sir”, I replied.

“Nice to meet you Benita, am Kenneth by name”, he added.

After much discussion and fun conversation, I suddenly forgot about my pains and fears. I was a total new person, I was more familiar and calm around Kenneth.

After some hours, the other doctor came to inform the young doctor about the surgery.

“So how was the surgery?”, The young doctor asked.

“Its was successful”, the other doctor replied.

“How is my father? Is he okay?”, I asked.

“Yes his fine and his responding to treatment”, the other doctor replied.

I cried loudly, throwing myself on the floor and thanking God for his infinite mercies and kindness.

To be continued.

Tishania Ginikachi

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