My Uncle and I episode 9



After I volunteered to donate bløod to Promise. My bløod matched his own. I was curious. How could that be possible?

Even Dr. Faith who happens to be the Mom; her bløod wasn’t a match for the boy. There was tension between us all in the hospital. Dr. Faith and Mrs Joy’s good attitude changed towards me.

At that point they no longer treat me well the way they used to do again. I felt The usual syndrome has started again. Maybe I was born to be unfortunate. Even with her håtred towards me, she still allowed me to donate bløod for the Boy because I was his last hope.

I became confused and Devastated. I was ignorant of everything. The only question that do come to my mind was ‘why do I have to face challenges when people are ready to help me?’. It was a question without an answer.

Promise became fine and was discharged. We came home that day with excitement. Hence, the relationship between I and Dr. Faith changed. She no longer treat me well again. I was wondering what could be the issue but nobody gave me an answer. But was it my fault that my Blood was a perfect match for her son? Is there any crime in that? At that point, to her, it seems like a crime.

She no longer give me the care she used to give me. And anytime I tend to play with Promise, she won’t allow. She would call the boy away from my side. We became like a rival in the house. I felt their håtred towards me. So my sadness ignited again.

One Faithful day, Dr. Faith and her Friend Mrs Joy were talking in their room about how they were going to Get rid(kïll) Someone. I was scared by this statement even though my name wasn’t mentioned. That same day, I got to know that Promise was not Dr. Faith’s biological son.

She bought promise with money from one Mrs Gbemisola. Immediately, my brain flashed back to the Mrs Gbemisola that I once lived with. The woman that sold me into prostïtution and sold my baby for money too. All this assumption made me believe that I was the one they were preparing to kill. Without spending more 10 minutes in the house, I ran away from the house.

I wandered hopelessly in the streets of Monrovia. It got to a point where I had to beg even before I could eat. I started regretting that Mr Victor should have left me alone in Cyprus to continue my Prostïtution job.

Hence, I wanted my son back but how can I do it without having any back up? They will just waste me for nothing.

Their conversation shows that They were ready to do anything to have the boy. So I continued to live in the Streets.

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I have seen severally how little kids of the ages of 11, 12, etc Snatched Purses, bags and money from people in the streets. Though, I won’t put the whole blame on them because it was the choice life gave to them.

Apart from all these, the streets is also full of unsafe vices such as Rap€, violence and unrest. It was in the same street I met Katie. Katie was a lady like me who life pushed to the street without having a choice.

She explained to me how Her Parent died while she was young and how her Uncle claimed her father’s property. She also told me that she would fight with her last breathe to regain her father’s property back.

Our Dream seemed alike; I wanted justice against my Uncle who I haven’t seen for years and I also want to regain my Son.

I and Katie became friends. We do almost everything together. We wandered the streets of Monrovia together.

If you have to live in the streets you have to be tough and strong so we adapted into these callous features.

One day, I was alone thinking about my life and everything. That was when I remembered Mrs Kollie a Human right Activist that stays closed to My Uncle’s house in Bong. I stood up like a soldier that day, I rushed down to meet Katie. I explained to her that I remembered someone that could fight for us and end our Struggles.

She couldn’t believe me. I had to convince her until she believed. We planned to travel down to Gbarnga that week in search of Mrs Kollie but there was no money with us. I won’t lie to you, that day, we did what the street people does; we pick pocketed; we snatched someone’s purse full of money. Although, we weren’t caught. It was the money inside the purse we used to Travel down to Gbarnga in order to locate Mrs Kollie for help.

We got to Gbarnga that day. Mrs Kollie’s house was just few miles away from my Uncle’s house.

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t meet Mrs Kollie at home. It was when we were about leaving that the Gate man informed us that Mrs Kollie has Relocated away from the area.

I tried to ask him where she relocated to but thegatemann wasn’t specific. He helped us with her number that day as we left Gbarnga City back to Monrovia.


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