My Uncle and I Episode 6



I am doomed. The pregnancy saga seemed to open my eyes a little bit. The result of what I have been enjoying since is out. And it was a shame to me. My Uncle doesn’t even know I have a Boyfriend and I didn’t tell him. At this point he became restless. He even skipped work for 2 days. We were out of options. The doctor said We can’t abort the baby and if we must do that, I will be a 50-50 thing. I was afraid, I don’t want to die. Rachael was still not aware of everything going on. There was pretence between I and my uncle in the house. My uncle keeps begging and cajoling me that the pregnancy should be aborted. He said it will be a very shameful thing to both of us if we don’t get rid of the pregnancy. It was at this point I knew my uncle doesn’t love me. So he had been using me. He doesn’t care if it would claim my life or not. Hence, In as much as I don’t want to bear the shame, I also want to live.

That week, I heard the conversation between my uncle and the doctor where He told the doctor that the pregnancy would be aborted. After this, i pretended not to hear anything. Later that night, I ran away from home. I left Ogun state that day with the little money I had on me. Of a truth, I had no idea of where I was going to. All I could remember was that I ran to a town called (Saki) in Oyo state. I couldn’t go to my Aunt or any of my mom’s relative. I was confused, perplexed and devastated. I was in Saki at around 10:30 pm because I checked the time. My phone was with me but I threw away the sim card to avoid anyone calling me.

It was at Saki I started to regret why I ran away from home. I didn’t know anyone there, no family there. I had to spent the night in one of the abandoned houses there.

When I thought my problems were getting solved, I encountered another problem in Saki. I was Rap€d by 3 guys in the Uncompleted building that night. I cried that night until tear was scarce in my eyes.

The following day, I was weak and tired. I sat on the school bag I used to take few clothes with me. It was at that point I met Mrs Gbemisola. She was just passing by when she saw me. She told me that she parked her car somewhere close and she decided to buy roasted corn. That day, she helped me. She lifted me up and took me to her car. Mrs Gbemisola lived in Ilorin. She only came for a business meeting in Saki. Wow! I have never been to Ilorin before. She took me to the hotel where she lodged that night, I explained all my stories to her and promised to help me. I never wanted to go back home.

The following morning, I travelled with her down to her house in Ilorin. She lived alone in a big house in Ilorin. That night, she told me her family were in the US.

I and Mrs Gbemisola became close. And after 7 months, I delivered my baby boy in her house. She named him (Enitan). She promised to send me back to school. Not in Nigeria but oversea. I was happy because i still had interest in Education.

Few months later, she broke the news to me that in the coming month, I was going to travel to the US to continue my Education. I was happy. I thanked her very well that night. She also said She has arranged a woman that will be taking care of my Son Enitan because I can’t go with him. My son was 8 months old when I travelled.

Hmmm… No one is to be trusted. Mrs Gbemisola promised me Education in the US but that was a lie. It was when I got to Cyprus with some other girls of my age I got to know that Mrs Gbemisola deals in Human trafficking. She made her wealth by Trafficking young girls to Cyprus for prostitution. Mr Seyi, one of the men who works for her also revealed to me that My Son has been sold to a rich man before I left Nigeria. I started thinking about my parents. I wish they never had that accident. I wish I never went to my Uncle’s house for that holiday. That Holiday changed everything. It ruined my Life.

Life in Cyprus soon started. We had no option. We had to play along or else we would starve to death. Although, I was not happy with the way they give us out to men in prostitution for money. Hence, I felt I had nothing to lose. I was already useless….

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