My Uncle and I πŸ”ž



My name is Deborah. A 15 year old girl of Family of 4 in Nimba County .

It all started when I went to spend my 3rd term holiday in my Uncle’s House in Gbarnga City . My Uncle is a banker. A successful one at it. At the same time, He is a womanizer. I have been told how Mrs Felicia endured his unfaithfulness for years. But that didn’t bother me. After all, it is their family problem not mine.

One ugly Saturday, Mrs Felicia and her only daughter Rachael went to the market to get food stuffs and ingredients for soup and I was told to wash beans for moi moi. As I was doing it, I felt someone holding my waist from behind. At this point, I was scared. I looked back, it was my uncle. I felt relaxed. He asked Me to relax that he was playing with me. I didn’t take it serious. After all, he is my uncle.

I continued with what I was doing as he went back to his room.

I heard my name from the Room, it was my uncle calling me. I left what I was doing and rushed inside. When I got to the room, he asked me to help him spread the bed sheet. As I tend to do it, he pounced on me from behind. At this point I started believing all the allegations against him.

I begged him to stop that I will never tell anyone but he refused. My uncle tore the clothes I was putting on, he couldn’t even wait to remove it, he tore my Panties and Ra–ped me. He had s-x with me despite the fact that I was drenched in blood. He rap-d me until he was satisfied. After this incidence, he apologized that he was sorry he couldn’t control himself at that point and that he never knew I was a virgin.

Ever since my uncle went down with me, He has been doing everything possible to satisfy me; There are times he will branch boutique from work and buy me Beautiful dresses. He treats me better than his only Daughter Rachael. Everyone now call me my uncle’s favourite without knowing the story behind His sudden Princess treatment towards me.

Although, my Uncle’s wife Mrs Felicia was suspicious. The way I walk changed, my body growth changed to what I can’t explain myself.

She asked me what was wrong and I told her nothing as I was scared to tell her because my Uncle threatened that he would k–ll me if I ever tell anyone. I don’t want to die so I pretend to be fine.

Few Weeks later, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling fine. I was vomiting and I was scared. My Uncle’s wife Suggested that she would take me to the hospital for test and treatment but my uncle Said she shouldn’t bother that he would take me to their family hospital himself when he is going to work that morning.

As he has said, I followed him. It was there I got to know that I was A week pregnant. At this point, I hated my life, I hated myself. I felt like dying. He connive with the Doctor not to reveal what he discovered to anyone. Not even his wife.

We got home that day, He bought me Fried Rice and Chicken and gave me a pill to Take. I took the drug that day before going to sleep.

The next day soon arrived, My uncle’s wife left very early to work with her Daughter Rachael.

My Uncle stayed behind as if he knew what would happen that day. I was ignorant of what the pill he gave me the following day was for until I started blee-ding. He took me back to the same hospital where I was treated and returned home before everyone else.

At this point I was tired of spending the rest of my Holiday in my Uncle’s house. I spoke with my dad that I wanted to come back home but He refused and insisted that I stay with my uncle for the rest of the holiday.

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