My Uncle and I Episode 2



It was 3 weeks to the end of the holiday already. I felt relaxed a bit because my Uncle travelled for a business trip. He spent 3 days. This period, I was relieved.

I mean not seeing his Wicked ugly face alone gives me peace and joy. Although, he would call me every night to make sure I didn’t tell anyone what went wrong between us.

3 days later, he came back with lots of gifts for me and his Daughter Rachael. He even bought my favourite (Pizza). I was very happy. After all, I was a little child.

Ignorant of everything about life. I was just 15 years old with over grown body.

One Ugly night, at around 2am while everyone was asleep, he walked quietly to our room where I and Rachael was sleeping.

Although, I wasn’t aware when he started but all I could say Is that he was already inside me before I opened my eyes. I was sho–cked.

I tried to res–ist and push him but he was too strong for me to push. It was at this moment I knew He put Sleeping pills in the juice he gave Rachael and her Mum Mrs Felicia to drink before everyone went to bed.

This is the second time my Uncle will r–ape me in 3 weeks. He was on top of me for more than 20 minutes as if He has planned everything. He didn’t stopped until he was satisfied.

I was praying for death but it wouldn’t come.

After this ugly incident, he begged me again using a nas–ty excuse for his behaviour. What was the excuse?, He said I was too “sweet” for him to control himself whenever he sees my thighs. He promised me it won’t happen again.

I told him he should stop mole—sting me considering the fact that I am his Niece( His brother’s Daughter) and he is married with a child too.

As usual he promised not to do such to me again as I wept slowly that night until sleep closed my eyes.

I couldn’t believe my se–ual experience will start from where I least expected. My Uncle, a man who is meant to be a fatherly figure for me took advantage of me twice in 3 weeks.

At this point I wanted to clear my mind by revealing everything to my mom.

I called my mom on a Monday and I said ‘ Mom I want to tell you something ‘, she responded by saying “what? What is it again? Are they starvi–ng you?”. Quietly, I said No! My mom is this type of person that doesn’t like complaint. Apart from this, she is a la-zy woman.

Yes, she is my mother and I am not sorry to say she is L-azy and she doesn’t want to ever hear complaint from anyone of us in as much as someone is easing her of our Daily trou–bles and Rough plays at home.

I mean I and my siblings tend to spend our holidays away from home.

My immediate sister (Kate) went to my Mother’s Sister in Bassa, the one after her and our last born ( Tabitha and Cynthia) went to spend their holiday with our Aunt in Bomi.

I chose to spend mine with My Uncle because of her Daughter Rachael. We really love each other.

But at this point I started regre–tting and blam–ing myself for choosing to come here.

Therefore, my mom Was enjoying our absence.

She wouldn’t need to wake up early to cook or shout everyday because of our daily troubles but that is not enough reason not to care for your Female Children. We are all Girls.

My father on the other hand is a busy man. Traveling from one place to another for business.

So I wouldn’t want to disturb him at all. But all that time they only person that could have hear me out was my mom but she failed.

This molestation, ra–pe and Abus–e continued in my Uncle’s house. At this point I was loving it.

Of a truth, I am 15, I should know my right from my wrong but I was Ignorant of everything.

It got to a point where I don’t even res–ist whenever he wants to Rap_e me.

I am used to it. He turned me into a s–ex toy within this short period. If I could remember, He would always give me Pills to take and bribe my emotion with gifts.

It was 5 days before the end of the Holiday when my Uncle called my Dad that he wants me to start living with them so that I can be going to the same school with Rachael his daughter.

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