My Uncle and I Episode 4



After the death of my uncle’s wife. My dad and mom came to My uncle’s house. They were asking him what led to the death of his wife and how it happened. To my greatest surprise, He lied that it was an accident in the kitchen. Immediately, Rachael walked out of the sitting room. Does it mean My Uncle is trying to protect me from the police? Or does it mean he is trying to protect his own image because of what he has done in the past? All these questions ran through my head.

4 days later, My Uncle facilitated the Burial of his Wife. He doesn’t want anymore investigation and questioning. Mrs Felicia was Buried in one of the Cemeteries in Oyo. How can this man be this heartless? I asked myself. He didn’t even want his wife to be buried in his house.

School soon resumed, My Dad finalized that I was going to be living with Rachael and her Father so that we can jointly be taking care of him. I couldn’t refuse because I heard no option. Hence, I was confused and frustrated. After all, I am now a criminal, a Murd—er in disguise.

When school resumed, I was enrolled in Rachael’s school. Though we were not in the same class. She was in SS 2 and I was in SS1. I closed earlier than her. Since the day her mom died, she has been an enemy to me whenever we are anywhere away from home.

Friends at home, enemies outside. Despite this, we divided the Chores in the house. She would cook because she was a good cook; she learnt that from her mom. So Rachael can cook any type of food. My duty was to wash and clean ( There was washing machine). Though, we don’t always do house chores during the week because ever since Mrs Felicia died, my uncle comes home just weekends. In That same month, I clocked 16. My uncle bought me gifts, took us out and it was fun.

Everything was going fine not until one day when I came back early from school. I met my Uncle at home. He didn’t go to work. He came to meet me in my room that day and started what he used to do.

I tried to resist him but he threatened me with the incidence that led to Mrs Felicia’s death. I don’t want to go to jail so I succumb to the blackmailing. My Uncle had s€x with me again that day.

It didn’t just stop that day, we do it several times. Apart from The threat and gifts, I begin to like what he was doing to me. Everything affected my performance in school. That term, out of 40 students in class, I came 35th. This was unusual. This is happening because I no longer focus in class. All I think about is What my Uncle does to me to the extent that I always look forward to it. My life was getting shambled. Although, Rachael was not aware of everything going on. I guess he has stopped the act with his daughter. I couldn’t believe I will become an addict even at age 16. The cruel part of it was that my uncle would give me Pills to take; so I am used to it. I chose pleasure over common sense. I was blown away by ignorant. My Escapade with my uncle continued for a long time…. I hope girls will continue to learn from my mistakes and the one I will still reveal

My nasty relationship with my Uncle continued. At times, he would take us out and buy us a lot of things; like clothes, shoes and my favourite Pizza. I love pizza so much. In a nutshell, my Uncle takes good care of us.

At this point, my Dad and mom don’t even call at all. They felt I am not with a stranger or that My Uncle will take good care of me since he has a Daughter too. They were careless. After some time, I and Rachael settled our differences. Not by verbal or oral form but we became cloth friends again. But I didn’t tell her what was going on between I and His father (My Uncle).

One day, Rachael came back home from school Smiling and excited. I came home before her. I knew something fishy was going down. That day, she Spent more than 30 Minutes on phone call in the room. I wondered who she was talking to. But I was going to ask her after the call. After she was done with the call, I asked her what made her so excited and happy that day. At first she wanted to keep it from me but as my padi, she wouldn’t. She told me Ifeanyi, One of the Finest boy in our School asked her to be his girlfriend. Immediately, I asked her what was her response and she said she told Ifeanyi that she would think about it. Wow! I was wondering why she didn’t say YES to Ifeanyi instantly. Ifeanyi is every girls crush in our School. He is a very handsome guy.

They are 5 (Ifeanyi, Sola, favour,Gbenga, Ahmad) they are all handsome. I had the second thought that Rachael was lying to me. She might have said YES. Deep down within me, I also want Ifeanyi. It was later that night I got to know that they were already dating. So I had to keep my eyes and mind off Ifeanyi and wait if others will have feelings for me. I also want a boy friend deep down within me.

That weekend, My Uncle came back home after traveling for 3 days. I won’t lie to you. I was fond of him already, whenever Rachael is asleep, I would walk slowly to my uncle’s room and we would have s€x till I am satisfied. I even forgot I was 16. 16 year old with adult experience then.

One Monday, I was in school sitting alone in the school library when Sola a dark handsome tall boy who happens to be one of the Finest in school came to me. I was shocked, I couldn’t believe it; I blushed. He said hi to me which I responded. That day, I and Sola exchanged contact and he promised to call me or chat me on Whatsapp when we get home that day…

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