My Uncle and I episode 11



We ate dinner together that night. For you to know how intense their discussion was, Mrs Kollie left the House around 10pm that day. I was so happy.

Mrs Grace prepared for church the next day, her phone rang. It was Mrs Kollie’s number.

I rushed down to give the phone to Mrs Grace. She doesn’t like it when you listen to her conversation with someone so I had to leave the spot. But i heard her asking the caller that “Which hospital did you carry her to?”

I was curious. I knew something serious was wrong and Who could it be? I asked myself these questions rhetorically. She came out to the sitting room wearing a Sad mood. She said Mrs Kollie was involved in a car accident.

Oh! The syndrome has started again. It seems my issue is beyond ordinary. I noticed that whenever anyone tends to help me, something bad will just happen to them. I don’t know why it happens that way.

I begin to think of myself as a wïtch and at the same time I was praying that Mrs Kollie should not dïe; she should be safe. Mrs Grace pulled-off her Gele and the high-ill shoes she was putting on as she rushed out of the house.

Katie wasn’t in the house at that time. Mrs Grace sent her to get some soup ingredients in the market because Sundays used to be like Christmas in the house.

Katie rushed back to the house. She told me Mrs Grace called her to inform me that we should prepare Jollof rice and Peppered chicken, we should bring it together with juice to JFK Hospital .

She asked me what went wrong when she wasn’t around and I explained to her that a call came in telling Mrs Grace that Mrs Kollie had a car accident.

We were sad. With curiosity, we prepared the meal and packed everything Mrs Grace told us to bring to the hospital in a Lunch box.

I and Katie arrived at the hospital. We were delayed outside before they finally let us in.

We met Mrs Grace in the ward where Mrs Kollie was. She was in Coma. She couldn’t talk, move or wink. I was terrified. I asked myself that why will Mrs Grace instruct us to bring food for someone that is in Coma? Different thoughts parades my mind at the same time.

We stayed in the hospital for more than 24hrs and there was no improvement. Mrs Kollie didn’t even blink talk less of talk.

It was at this point I started to lose hope. I concluded that I could not see help again. Something Spiritual was wrong with me. That was not the first time evil befalls those that Tend to help me. I kept on praying.

I didn’t even tell Katie anything about it. But I was scared and confused. I was scared for Mrs Kollie and I was also scared for Mrs Grace. I prayed I don’t end up losing both of them.

We didn’t go to work for like 3 consecutive days. When Mrs Grace finally told us to go home to rest, I went ahead of Katie. I make sure she didn’t track my movement nor know where I went to.

So many thoughts parades my mind. I was thinking of running away but my instinct disagreed. All I could remember was that I went to a church (Church of Christ int’l).

Immediately I stepped into the Church premises, the pastor saw a revelation about me. He stopped me immediately. I was so scared, I cried uncontrollably and asked him for help. I knew my case wasn’t ordinary.

After several drama and plea from me to the pastor, he finally let me in. We sat on plastic chairs at the edge of the Church. It was there the Pastor Told me that he saw a revelation that someone has used sexual intercourse to destroy every fortune I have in me.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked him to come again, and he repeated the same thing 3 times. At this point, I couldn’t control my curiosity.

I was shivering and crying. Since all the fortune in me has been destroyed; why am I alive then? Which means I am a living dead.

I asked the pastor to help me ask the spirit who the person is because I have slept with a lot men. Of a truth it all started from My Uncle; He Rap€d me some years back and got me pregnant twice.

That was the same incidence that made me run away from home before I was sold into prostïtution and my son was sold to a Rich woman which I later discovered.

More also, I was once a Prostítute in Cyprus too. I have literally slept with over 80 men. So who among them stole my Destiny or my Fortune? I asked the pastor severally.

The pastor delayed me for like 20 minutes before he finally sent someone to tell me that I should come the next day. He had a lot of people to attend to. I asked the person whether he had a message for me but The reply I got was a NO.

I left the church with different thoughts in my mind. I was even thinking of Suicide. I was hopeless. My Destiny had been taken away long time ago, no wonder I have been unable to see a genuine helper.

No wonder evil things happen to my Helpers. I began to think who could have done such a thing to me but I couldnt even think of any because I can’t count how many men I have slept with..

I got home that day and pretended like nothing was wrong with me.

I cried that night till day break because I was hopeless and weak. Meanwhile, Mrs Kollie was still in Coma fighting for her life.

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