My Uncle and I Episode 3

MY UNCLE AND I 🔞. (Raped by my Uncle)


After my uncle told my Dad to let me start schooling in his House, my Dad called me to tell me. Immediately he said it, I replied ‘No Daddy! I don’t want to stay here. I want to come home’.

My Dad said His brother is also my father and that there is nothing wrong with me staying there. At this point, I wanted to open up to my Dad.

I just want to tell my Dad that his brother has been treating me like somehow forgetting that He also have a Daughter too. Unfortunately for me, My Uncle was overhearing our conversation. Immediately I said ‘Daddy, there is something going on that I want to tell you’, My Uncle stood up and collected the phone from me. He told my Dad that I was just kidding. This was how I was silenced. I felt nobody care to hear from me.

Two nights after that day, what I saw Shocked me. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I woke up around 3am seeing My Uncle on top of his own Daughter (Rachael) unconsciously.

Maybe he doesn’t know sleeping pills don’t have much effect on me. That is how my body system is. At this point I pretended to be asleep as I watched everything with one eyes closed. It was at this point I got to know that My Uncle is an infidel. An Animal, just as my pastor will say.

Everything happening within these period was just like a movie to me. Like I couldn’t believe my experience. Does it mean My Uncle has been Having something with his own Daughter even before I arrived?.

Does it mean Rachael too is no more a vir.gin? Are all these things happening Naturally or My Uncle is under a spell? All these Questions ran through my head at the same time. I begin to wonder why my uncle is doing what he is doing. I believed he might have been having s€x with Rachael in the same house where her mother Mrs Felicia lives.

At this point I concluded that Mrs Felicia is Worst than my mom. How would you not noticed the changes in Your Daughter?

So since all these while Rachael has been keeping something from me just the way I have been keeping something from her too. I believe it was time for me to tell her.

One Sunday, after church, I lied to Mrs Felicia that I and Rachael will love to go back to church for an Evening CEU-Children prayer. Fortunately, she allowed us to go. I took her a place closed to where the boys in the area used to play football.

I told Rachael That there was something I would like to tell her. To my greatest surprise, she read my mind. She said ” is it about my dad?”. I was shocked . She continued by saying ” Hope he hasn’t done anything with you?” At this point, tears dropped down my cheeks slowly. I told her everything Her dad has been doing to me since I came.

Rachael as revealed to me that her Dad has been having intercourse with her since she was in JSS 2. She was 14 year old then. Although if you see Rachael, you won’t believe she is 16. She is pretty just like her mother, Her growth is rapid. She also revealed to me how Her class teacher also did the same to her when she was in JSS 3. ‘You mean your class teacher also rap€d you?’, I asked her. She said Yes.

And I asked if she has ever told anyone and she said The class teacher Threatened to deal with her if she ever revealed what happened. I asked her what about reporting her Father to her mother or anyone else, she ignored the question.

Instead. I suggested we Report everything that has happened to Our pastor she said no! She was scared. We both agreed on a plan. A plan we didn’t tell anybody. We went back home that day Still pretending like nothing happened.


Now I believe I and Rachael are kids with Adult experience. Throughout that day, it would take a careless mother not to notice that something was wrong with us because our attitude in the house changed.

We were ashamed of ourselves and at the same time, we were scared and confused. Our Plan was to go to Mrs Ajoke’s house in the next street. Mrs Ajoke was an Human right activist. According to what I heard, She was the type that loved to fight for Female child and that was because she has had similar experience when she was a kid; She was also molested by her Pastor when she was young.

And whichever case she take up against any irresponsible man, she would make sure she see them off to the Prison/jail Door. Does this mean My Uncle too will go to Jail if we report everything going? I asked myself.

In as much as I don’t like what my Uncle is doing to us, I also don’t want him to go to jail. Hence, I was tired of being Mole–sted. He has had s€x with me more than 4 times in a month. He is a Serial Rapi$t and a custodian Rapi$t. I learnt all these from our Civic Education and s€x education teacher( A person who Rap€ a girl severally under his roof is Called a Serial Rapi$t and Custodian Rapi$t).

We went to bed that night scared( I and Rachael) because every night is now something we don’t look forward to. Hence, I couldn’t sleep.

Rachael is the type that sleeps no matter what. I woke up around 12am, went to the kitchen, took one of the knives we use for cutting vegetables, came back to the room and kept the knife beside me that night. I didn’t know what came over me that night but I was prepared for anything that could happen that night.

What happened later that night was not what I expected. I woke up from my sleep at the middle of the night, I saw someone trying to touch me and immediately the devil used me. I used the kn!fe on the person.

All I could remember was that I ran the kn!Fe through the stomach of the person. I shouted Continuously as I shiver. Oh! No! It was Mrs Felicia. She came to check up on us that night which is unusual of her. She has never done that before. I didn’t mean to harm Mrs Felicia; I thought it was My Uncle that came again to do his usual e—vil act. Within 5 minutes, the whole room was already soaked with bl00d.

My Uncle Rushed to the room that night, when he saw what happened he couldn’t ask who did it; He carried Mrs Felicia and rushed her to a nearby hospital. It was at day-break I got to know that Mrs Felicia had di-ed because she has lost so much blo—od from the inj–ury. I couldn’t believe I just kil–ed an innocent soul. At this point, The story of my misery just started!….

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