My Uncle and I episode 7



Life in Cyprus was not a good one. I got to a point, I regretted running away from home. Of a truth I was confused and Devastated. I felt used by my Uncle hence, someone told me there are steps I should have taken against my Uncle. Steps like Reporting the affairs between us to someone I trust, or to an agency in charge of the Girl child.

The person even blamed me for allowing my Uncle to destroy my life. I was young and ignorant. Hence, I shouldn’t have been quiet about it. Although, there are many young girls out there with similar experience with mine whose Uncle, Teacher, father, Siblings, brother, cousin, custodian had in one way or the other took advantage of them. There are many Rap€ cases out there and many Young girls silenced because of their Ignorance and timidity, it was at this point I got to know that I should Have Speak up when the whole Molestation started. I should not have kept it to myself. I regretted the day I was born. I regretted the fact that I chose to spend my holiday with my Uncle.

That Holiday changed everything in my life.It destroyed My dream, took my virgīnity, destroyed my life, and I became pregnant twice. I began to learn from my life experience. My parents were careless. They chose business over their future/children. Although, it was through the business they were able to take care of us hence, They should have balanced it.

My eyes began to open in Cyprus. I started missing my siblings . I wondered how life would be treating them in Nigeria. The girl child are really facing a lot. A lot that they can’t even tell anyone. At this point, I made up my mind that if Life treats me when, I was going to become an advocate for the Girl child. I was going to make sure that every girl child with Similar Experience as mine will properly get justice. But how can a prostitute achieve that? I laughed at myself.

There was no hope anywhere. I couldn’t continue with my education. Even women betrays women. Both genders are desperate. My Uncle Destroyed my Life and Mrs Gbemisola whom I thought was going to help me get back on my feet also Ruined my life completely by selling me out into prostĂŻtution.

Few months later in Cyprus, as a prostĂ­tute, I was to go Satisfy a Nigerian man in his apartment. What happened that night was a surprise to me. The man Didn’t touch me. We slept together on the same bed. The following money, he paid me for the service that I did render. I was shocked. I asked him why he did that. At first he was mute and he later he requested to know more about me. I laughed. Who wants to know more about a prostĂ­tute whose life has damaged beyond repair? I said that to myself. I explained my story to him and how I got to Cyprus.He pitied me. His own story was touching too but I never wanted to trust anyone this time around. He gave me his card that day because I had no phone with me as I went back to meet the rest of the girls.

The man I met in Cyprus (Mr Victor) gave me his card that day. I went back to our crib to meet the rest of the girls. I never wanted to trust anyone again. I mean, I have every reason to lose trust in people and whoever is around me. I never wanted to lose guard again because life has treated me really bad. People in life has treated me really bad.

That year, I clocked 19. I do think about my son. I wish to see him again hence, there was nothing I could do but to accept my fate. Accept fate? One of the Statements I picked from Mr Victor’s statement was that one should not always try to accept fate. Not every Fate is worthy to be accepted. You have to fight for your self. Fight for your freedom and fight for your Future but I wish I had known this early before everything became worst up to this stage.

Few weeks later, I realized that Mr Victor could be trusted. If at all I can trust him to help me get out from the bondage I was. But unfortunately for me, I lost the card he gave to me so I couldn’t Reach him. I searched severally for it where I kept it but I couldn’t find it and I made up my mind that maybe God doesn’t want me to meet him again. Maybe his intentions towards me were not pure or genuine.

We continued with our prostĂŻtution work. Not just me alone but with some other girls of my age and those that were older than us. The painful part of the whole thing is that those monies we make from this dirty work, 30% is what they gave us and the remaining 70% shared by our Agents. Hence, we couldn’t stop. We have to survive. At least with the 30% pay, we would buy clothes, food and pay for the crib where we stay. Life in Cyprus wasn’t good for us. It was tough.

I was sent to service a man in a hotel one night. I went there as usual. It was Mr Victor again. I was very happy. I have been looking forward to meet him again. Mr Victor was a man in his late-Twenties (29). He was a Master Student in one of the Universities in Cyprus. He was amazed that I haven’t stopped the prostĂŻtution work. I explained the consequences of running away without back up to him; We have received threats from our agents that whoever tries anything stupid would be dëäd so we don’t have that mind to run away. Although, we had no family in Cyprus to run to. And I told him we wont be able to feed if we run too. Mr Victor told me he was going to help me Travel. Travel? I asked him. I told him I don’t want to go back to Nigeria.

He said he wasn’t talking about Nigeria. He promised to relocate me to Ghana where his family lives after his Masters program in Cyprus. I was happy by this promise. Hence, my trust for him was just 50%. Life has taught me not to trust everyone I meet.

During this period, I do see Mr Victor. He even bought me a Phone. I made sure my agents and the rest of the girls don’t know about this. He gives me money for upkeep too. All these kind gestures made my trust for him to increase.

As he had promised, He fulfilled his promises. After his Masters program, He took me with him to Ghana. Yes, we landed in Ghana safe and sound. He paid for everything. I was so happy as I couldn’t thank him enough. He took me to where his family lives and introduced me to them afresh. His family accepted me with great pleasure. I became a part of the family.

Mr Victor had 2 brothers. Marvelous and Joseph. His dad was late but his mom was still alive as at that time.

Few months with their family, What I ran away from in Nigeria and Cyprus started again. It was one of His brothers Joseph Trying to force me to sleep with him. This Joseph was different from the one I read about in the Bible. I had escaped this severally but I didn’t tell Mr Victor. I was afraid that if I tell him, their mom would think I am trying to cause enmity between the 3 brothers. No one would believe me.

The attempt to Rap€ me didn’t stop. There are times he would sneak to my room and try his nonsense but this time around, I was not ready to sell myself out as I have done in the past. My past has hurt me Enough for me to be wise and strong.

It was one evening the Joseph came with determination to get what he wanted by force. He tried to force me. It was when my strength was not enough to curtail him that I hit him with Flower vase in the head. He fell to the floor as blood was over everywhere. I couldn’t run because their youngest brother Marvelous came back that minute. He called the Ghana Police and I was arrested and Taken to one of the stations in Accra.

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