My Uncle and I Episode 13


Finale Episode

Few weeks later, Mrs Kollie was discharged from the hospital. This time, she was medically okay. In fact, she has started regaining her Memory and sanity.

As a good woman, Mrs Grace Allowed me to move down to Mrs Kollie’s apartment so that I can be taking care of her and assist her recover fully.

There was no much chores to do except cooking, washing the clothes; which is majorly done using Machine and Keeping her Company. These are the only activities I could do in her house. She was a nice woman.

A woman of principles. She doesn’t even have a housemaid. Therefore, she has been living alone all these while.

If you step into Mrs Kollie’s apartment, you will realize that she was a successful woman. The shelf in the Sitting room is filled with Honorary awards.

After a while, Mrs Kollie finally recovered. She became active the way she used to be before. I was asked by her if I would love to continue living with her which I agreed without even having a second thought.

She liked me a lot. She even begged Mrs Grace to allow me continue staying with her. Mrs Grace consented. She gave me the permission to permanently stay in Mrs Kollie’s house. Although, Katie remained with Mrs Grace.

The week before Mrs Kollie resumed for work, She suggested that I put my apprenticeship program in Mama B’s place on hold for the main time. She wanted me to go back to School.

I loved this idea, I have always want to go back to school. I have a dream of becoming a Lawyer when I was in Secondary school. This dream was still intact before that horrible holiday That Made My Uncle to ruin my life.

After several talk with Mrs Grace and Mama B, They finally agreed that I should go back to school if I still have interest in Education. And I replied them that I still have interest in Education.

On the same note, Katie Said she doesn’t want to go back to school but she would rather continue and face her apprenticeship program. She said she would not cope if she goes back to Class. Of a truth, she told me she wasn’t a bright student back in the days when she was in Secondary school.

Both Madams, Promised to support our aspirations. Most especially, Mrs Kollie personally affirmed to me that she would sponsor my education up to the level I want. I thanked her that day.

I was very happy. Things has started falling in place for me. It seems God has started answering my Prayers.

I reminded Mrs Kollie about getting justice against my Uncle for all the evil things he did to me when I was with him as well as getting my son back from Dr. Faith. Mrs Kollie promised me that she would help me with the support I will need to make sure I am fully happy again.

I was enrolled in JC Secondary school. I wasn’t even ashamed of my Class. Literarily, I was the oldest in the class. Everybody liked me including the class teacher Mrs Feyisara.

Mrs Feyi will always stay behind to give me tutorials. Although I do pay her but her roles in my life during this period is something I will never forget.

I was enjoying my new school. I was also enjoying peace of mind staying with Mrs Kollie. The last time I enjoyed such Peace and Tranquility was when my parent was still alive; that was before I chose to spend my Holiday with my Uncle.

I will never forget that holiday. It changed everything in my life. It ruined my life.It gave room for my Uncle to Useless my life. It was this same period that my Parents diΓͺd. Who knows if it was my Uncle that caused their accidents in order to inherit my Father’s wealth? My father was a rich man when he was alive.

The only flaws my parents had back then was carelessness and Bad parenting. Our parents loved us to the extent that they could Buy us anything we want but they failed in the aspect of good parenting.

Over the years, I have come to realize that Buying gifts, spending money, and sending your children to a standard school doesn’t make You a good parent.

A good parent will always be closer to his/her child, a good parent will always care to know what and what is going on in the life of his/her child. A good parent will also be patient to hear from his/her child. All these attributes Makes one a good parent because good parenting is beyond you giving birth to a child.

It is beyond You being a Father or a mother to a child. A father is just a Baby-Daddy and a mother is a Baby-Mama. What will make you to be qualified to be called a parent is your Valuable impacts in the life of your children. Your commitment to their emotional/mental well being and physical well being.

My Parents lacked all these attributes while they were alive. Hadn’t been they really cared about us, it is possible they are alive now because It was when they were coming back from a night party they had an accident which claimed their lives.

They are the party-party type. Should I say My parent’s mistakes put my life in jeopardy. Hence, I have learnt a lot from their story and I promise to be a good Parent to my Children later in life.

More so, Mrs Kollie is a typical example of a good parent. Apart from the fact that she was caring, she also finds time to have a one on one conversation with me. She would ask me what I am going through in school, Advise me about Guys, etc..

It is just that Mrs Kollie Never had a child of her own till the death of her husband. Some of those that have children don’t know the value of them.

My academic activities in JC Secondary school was going smoothly until I saw a Name that matched my Surname. (Cynthia Badmus).

My Surname used to be Badmus and Cynthia was the name of my Immediate sister.

Lo and behold, It was my sister. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She couldn’t recognize me again because it’s actually been a long time we saw. But I recognized her very well. I hugged her tightly as tears rolled down my eyes.

I started crying. Mrs Feyisara who noticed that I was crying called me to ask what was wrong with me, when I explained my story to her, she also cried with me…

After reuniting with my Immediate sister (Cynthia), it was through her I got to reunite with My Aunt(My Dad’s Elder sister) and my 2 other siblings. I was very happy when I met them. Although, before I ran away from my uncle’s house, My Aunt was living in Lofa.

I learnt she relocated back to Monrovia the previous year.

My Aunt told me how My Uncle lied to her and the rest of the Family that I deliberately ran away from home After my Boyfriend impregnated me. I couldn’t believe my Uncle could say such a thing.

She also told me that they searched everywhere for me but they couldn’t find me and they finally concluded that I was dead.

I narrated the whole story to My Aunt. I started telling her from where my Uncle defiled me and turned me into a s*x toy.

I told her how he molested me severally by taking advantage of my ignorance. I also told her how I ran away from his house after he got me pregnant twice and wanted to risk my life to abort the baby even when the doctor said it would claim my life, I told her everything I went through in the hands of Mrs Gbemisola and how she sold I and my Son out.

She opened her mouth in awe. She couldn’t believe her ears. I started crying as she consoled me. My Aunt was very furious. She was angry at my Uncle. Right from time, she doesn’t like my uncle despite the fact that they are siblings.

The Following day, she sent some police officers to go arrest my Uncle. Fortunately for them, they met him at home. He was arrested that day and taken to the police station.

My Aunt and Mrs Kollie also sent Court invitation to Dr. Faith. It was when Dr. Faith was arrested that she provided where we could locate Mrs Gbemisola. Mrs Gbemisola was also arrested.

My Uncle was charged with 6-count charges, for Molestation and multiple abuse. Mrs Gbemisola and Dr. Faith were charged with Human trafficking and child sale.

They were arraigned in court the some days later. The Court opened the cases by hearing my own side of the story. I told them everything. Thank God for other evidences. Each of them has been linked with their offenses for a very long time before that day.

The judge pronounced My uncle Guilty, She sentenced My Uncle to 35Years imprisonment with hard labour. On the other hand, Mrs Gbemisola was sentenced to 25years imprisonment while Dr. Faith received 5 Years Jail term and her professional certificate was taken away from her.

After all these, I finally reunited with My Son Promise. I felt inner peace. I was very happy. I was free at last. I continued my Education and My Aunt took charge of my Son and my siblings as I went back to Mrs Kollie’s house to continue living with her.

My Aunt and Mrs Kollie Played an Important role in My life. They helped me get back on my feet after all I have been through.

Thank God today, I am a certified Lawyer. I have won over 20 Cases. All Thanks to God Almighty!


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