Mamiwota is after my life episode 10

Episode 10

Mamiwota Is After My Life 😭

Same day she was dedicated, Nenye was christened(infant baptism).

God’s-gift Chinenyenwa Umeh.

During the baptism service, immediately her names were listed by her godparents, the baby let out a a very loud hiss that shocked the priest. The mic has been casually placed close to her lips so everyone present heard it loud and clear. The congregation began to murmur.

Again, after the holy water was sprinkled on her, with the priest saying her names, she began to cry and tossed.

The process was rushed, and the baby was handed back to me.

I understand everything that took place. She is of the water, and must be dedicated into the water.

Only if they would give me a little time, I would raise money, go to the market, and buy the exact items that we have presented to God. Then I will take them down the river with the baby. I was thinking.

“I just hope no one suspects anything”. I muttered.

But then, after the service, I walked up on hubby conversing with the priest.

“I don’t find it funny anymore. Do you know that as small as she is, the only name she accepts is Mmirinma?”. Hubby complained.

“Mmiri gini! What does that mean?”. The priest confused priest asked.

Hubby shook his head.

“I don’t know, but my wife was started calling her that”. He responded.

The priest gave me a cold glance, and turned back to hubby.

“This is too much. I think I need to conduct a deliverance service on her head”. He said.

“Please, do. I use to think it’s normal kids habit until today”. Hubby said.

The man of God said a silent prayer for the baby (she cries throughout), and promised to visit us before weekend.

My mind wasn’t at rest as we journeyed home in hubby’s bus later on.

I knew I was threading on a d@ngerous path. I have been warned never never to allow the child into any other altar, never to call her by any other name except the one given by the goddess. Now not only was she carried into the church, but holy water was sprinkled on her body, and the mark of the cross on her forehead. As if that wasn’t enough, hubby is now trying to get the priest to deliver her.

“Do you not think the baby is too tender for deliverance?”. I finally voiced out my mind.

I was actually speaking to hubby, but before he could answer, sister-in-law snapped at me.

“Do you not think there’s something abnormal about the baby?. Or did you not witness what she did back there in the church?”. She asked.

I couldn’t say anymore because of a woman sitting in the bus with us.

At home, later in the afternoon, we were in the parlor, eating with the few neighbors who have followed us to the church(sister-in-law was serving the meal) when there came a loud banging on the entrance door… very loud that it shook the foundation.

Everyone exchanged glances.

“How can someone be mannerless to the extent of banging on someone’s door like a crim!nal?”. One neighbour asked rhetorically.

The banging continued.9

“Who is that m@d id!ot?”. Sister-in-law yelled as she walked to get the door.

She came in again, murmuring.

“Who was that?”. Hubby asked.

“There is no one there oo. I guess it’s the children”. She had said.

“Gideon, that is the least of what he can do”. A neighbor observed, and the others laughed.

Again, the banging continued.

“I will k!ll that boy if I catch him?”. Sister in-law threatened.

She dropped her food on the table, and hurried to the door for the second time.

“These children are something else”. A neighbor observed.

Again, sister-in-law walked in.

“There is no one there”. She announced.

“No kids?”. A neighbor asked.

Sister-in-law shook her head.

“No kids oo”.

It was at that moment that I became worried

What if the goddess was the one?. I thought.

I looked at the baby. She was sleeping soundly on the mattress by the wall. Her face looked so innocent.

Just then, the door opened, and before anyone could utter a word, a cool breeze entered.

Sound of plate falling and spoon clicking was heard. All eyes turned to the direction of the noise.

Mother-in-law lay back on the plastic chair motionless. The plate lay shattered at her feet.

“Mama!”. Hubby screamed. And together himself and Sasa ran to attend to their mother..

I hope it’s not what I’m thinking.

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#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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