Mamiwota is after my life episode 12

Episode 12

Mamiwota Is After My Life 😭

“Please, get up from there”. Hubby said, helping me to my feet.

“I’m serious. I have a confession to make”. I repeated.

“You want to do what?. Confess about what?”. He asked.

“I, I”. I began to stammer.

He looked at his wristwatch impatiently, and sighed.

“What are you saying?”. He asked.

“Please promise me you won’t get angry… I mean get too m@d at me”. I said.

“M@d at you for what?. Have I ever been m@d at you before?”. He asked.

I know he has been a darling, but I still persuaded him to make me a promise. This story belongs to Joy Ifunanya.

“Okay, I promise not to get m@d at you for whatever you have to say. Oya, talk”. He promised.

I then began to narrate my involvement with the marine kingdom. How I was h@rassed by the couple in our compound, my following Angela to the river, how I was given an egg, and how I discovered I was pregnant after performing the ritual. How the baby was responsible for Ethel’s death. And finally, the mamiwater’s involvement in his mother’s condition. I didn’t miss a single detail.

As I speak, he stares at me like I was speaking in parables, making me wonder what his next reaction would be.

“She is angry because she thinks we’re giving her glory to someone else… I concluded

I waited for like 3 minutes for him to say something after my confession, but he just kept staring at me.

.. Are you not going to say something?”. I was forced to ask.

For a response, he merely shrugged, smiled bitterly, picked his phone from the bed, and hurried out of the room.

That was strange. I expected him to yell at me, tell me how disappointed he was at me, get angry and do other stuff like that.

I slowly sat back on the bed. After a while, I laid down, and before I knew it, I found myself in another world.

I was standing before the goddess in the ocean. On her head was a big python, bigger than the one she sits on. When she opened her mouth to speak, I see tongues of fire emanating from within.

I covered my eyes with my palms, shivering.

“Remember you have just ten days. After those ten days, if you haven’t done the needful, deaths follow. Deaths after death!,”. Her voice echoed to the end of the waters.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying on the bed in the room. I looked beside me to beheld a pair of tiny eyes staring at me.

“Blood of Jesus!”. I screamed out loudly, jumping out of the bed, and was ready to run out of the room when I realized it was just the baby. She has woken up from sleep, and was lying by my side, watching as I sleep.

I heaved a sigh, and lied back beside her.

Just then, I heard the sound of the entrance door opening. My heart began to pound again, but then the intruder spoke up.

“Who is here oo?”. That was Sasa’s voice.

I heaved another loud sigh of relief.

I took the baby with me to the living room to welcome her. She had come back to freshen up.

“Mama is not responding to the treatment at all, no improvement”. She had lamented.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine?”. I consoled her.

After she was done bathing and had eaten, she picked some things, and left.

Once alone with my baby, I had the time to think about the trance.

From the way she spoke, the goddess was not out to make jokes with anyone. If nothing is done urgently, I might end up losing my life as well as every member of my household.

“I regret knowing Angela”. I muttered.

It was raining heavily by the time hubby returned that night. He was still acting like nothing happened.

While he was taking off his wet clothes in the room, he placed a bundle of money on the bed.

“I was able to make up to 17k. He announced. He was very proud of himself.

…That means if I should go again tomorrow morning, I would be able to complete the money. Then I will transfer it to the spiritualist so he could start coming immediately”. He continued explaining.

I was confused.

Is it that he has forgotten or he doesn’t understand what I was saying in the afternoon?. I wondered.

“Honey, what about what I told you this afternoon?”. I asked.

He turned to look at me.

“What was that?”. He asked.

“The confession I made about my visiting the shrine. You still haven’t responded to it yet. I said.

He sighed, and went ahead to hanging his shirt on a nail in the wall.

…Honey, I am not talking tr@sh. This baby is from the water..”. He couldn’t allow me finish before he cuts in.

“God forbid!. My child is from God, and not the water. I have no business with mamiwater”. He rebuked me.

God, how do I make this man understand?🤔

#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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