Mamiwota is after my life episode 4

Episode 4

Mamiwota Is After My Life 4 😭😭

Angela and I sat at the bank of the river, watching the glittering body of the river goddess.

After some moments of silence, Angela signalled me to kneel down so we could greet.

“Greetings, the great river goddess”. We voiced out in unison.

For an answer, she nodded.

“Tell her what brought you here”. Angela whispered to me.

“Not me. You tell her”. I whispered back, fretfully.

“Remember, you’re the one with a problem”. She had to remind me.

I mustered courage and face her (the mamiwota)

“Greetings once again, my queen. I come, I have come again because of some….” I began.

“Enough!. She interrupted in a harsh voice that almost made me fall facedown into the water… thank God Angela lent me a helping hands.

….I know why you’re here. You wouldn’t have come if I didn’t cause you to. She continued.

Angela and I exchanged confused glances.

…Yes! I’m aware of the things that have been happening. You feel my child is becoming abnormal?”. She asked, staring directly into my eyes. I looked away instantly.

What does she mean by ‘my child?’. I wondered

… I gave you a child out of my generosity. You carried the child for nine months without any challenges. During that period of your pregnancy, what did your husband do?”. She asked.

I didn’t know whether I should answer the question or it’s rhetoric. So I just shook my head.

…Your husband presented a fat hen to another altar (the church).

Angela looked at me, and looked away again.

….He took a hen to another altar to appreciates the one who knows absolutely nothing about the child in your womb. And you’re very much aware of this. Like that wasn’t enough, the day you gave birth to this child, what was that you were doing?.Who were you busy thanking?.

My mind flashed back to the time I was in labor room. As soon as I heard the cry of my baby, I broke down in tears, and started singing praises to God in appreciation.

…You were praising same being your husband had presented a hen before Its altar. Where did I come in here?. I did all the works, but another is taking all the glory. She continued.

“What have I gotten myself into?”. I muttered under my breath.

“As though that wasn’t enough, you allowed same husband of yours, give my child a name I didn’t choose for her!.

I was still confused as to why she kept referring to the baby as hers, and how was she supposed to be one to choose a name for my child?.

Like she read my mind, she said👇

“Yes, I choose the name for all my children”.

“Your children?”. I found my voice again.

She stood up from her throne, and started walking towards us.

As she approaches, Angela and I moved aside to avoid any body contact with her, making enough space between us for her pass.

I wondered why we were so scared then unlike the first time we came.

My heart melted by the sight on the empty throne…. she has been sitting upon a very big python all these while.

I almost screamed but then, I remembered she already had one on her neck.

“Nobody gives what they don’t have.Her voice from behind us drifted me back to reality. . … I have power , wealth, wisdom, children etc and I give to whoever sought desperately for them. So the child I give is my child. You were given an egg, remember?. That was my egg” She explained.

I turned around to look at her properly.

“So, so, so now, my daughter is yours?”. I stammered.

She started laughing mockingly.

“The child is mine! You’re just a caretaker”. She continued after the laughter had died down.

This wasn’t what I before coming. I was thinking she was going to give us a white substance or stuff like that to sprinkle on the baby But here she is, claiming someone else’s child as hers.

“All the abnormality in the baby will cease only if you abide by my simple rules”

Angela and I exchanged quick glances before she continued.

“First of all, that name must be changed immediately. Secondly, the baby should never be allowed to enter into any other altar except here…”. She was saying.

In order words, we won’t be dedicating the child.

I listened on as she read all these rules to me, knowing fully well that I won’t be able to abide by them.

How is it possible that the child of a pastor’s warden would not be baptized in the church?. What will I tell my husband to dissuade him from taken his daughter into the church for dedication?.

…and the new name shall be Mmirinma”( water beauty). This last statement from mamiwota jilted me back to reality.

“Angela has k!lled me”. I muttered under my breath.😭😭

#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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