Mamiwota is after my life episode 6

Episode 6

Mamiwota Is After My Life 😭😭

What has that innocent child done to that he@rtless river goddess?. I wept.

“Na so we see am today oo….”. Iya Folake explained further.

I barely heard her. I was lost in thought.

I blamed myself for the death of that little girl.

I will return that baby to the river, and damn the consequences. I concluded within me after giving it a thought.

“I will explain everything to hubby, and beg for his forgiveness”. I muttered.

I pulled myself up, and started walking inside quietly, leaving Iya Folake in the middle of her gossip.

“You don dey go inside?( are you going in now?)”. I heard her asked from behind, but I ignored, and proceeded to opening the door, and going in.

Surprisingly, hubby was still lying on the bed, same position he lay before I left the house earlier that morning same was the baby. She was still on her sleeping overall. The clothes I had earlier brought out for the woman that bathes her was still the way I left it… neatly folded by the edge of the bed.

I went closer to hubby, and started tapping him to wake up.

“Honey, wake up”.

He opened his eyes. He was surprised seeing me.

“Ah, ah.You haven’t gone out yet?”. He asked.

“Gone out to where? Do you even know what time it is?”. I asked.

He pulled his phone from the bed, and looked at it.

“What? 2:45?. .He exclaimed.

…am or pm?”. He asked.

“Do you mean you have been sleeping all day?”. I asked.

“I’m surprised”. He said.

“And the baby?. She didn’t cry?”. I asked.

“If she did, I would have been up”. He began to yawn.

“Strange!”. I muttered.

“I’m so hungry right now”. He said.

“Please, there’s something I would want us to discuss”. I began.

“What happened. What did the doctor say is wrong with you?”. He asked.

“I’m fine. This has nothing to do with the doctor”. I said.

“What is it?”. He urged me on.

But before I could open mouth to speak, a knock was heard on the door. Before we could say Jack, the curtain was flung open, and mother-in-law showed her face.

Hubby and I exchanged glances.

“Ma mama?”. Hubby stammered.

Quietly, she started walking into the room.

“Welcome to mama”. I greeted.

“Mama, you didn’t tell us you were coming?”. Hubby muttered.

Mama ignored us both. She dropped her handbag on a plastic chair by the bedside, folded her hands, and stood before me. She had tears in her eyes.

“My daughter, I’m so sorry for what I did to you. How I mocked you, taunted and humiliated you before strangers. I’m so ashamed of myself right now. Please, find a place in your heart, and forgive me”. She made am attempt to kneel down.

“Mama, please, don’t do that”. I said, helping her back to her feet.

“Does that mean I have been forgiven?”. She asked.

I nodded.

“Ofcourse! I never hold anything against you. You’re my mother”. I responded.

Her mood lightened up, and gave me a big hug.

Just then, the baby began to cry.

Before I could react, mama reached out for her.

“What did you say her name is again?”. She asked, lifting her up from the bed.

“Chi… I began, but paused when I remembered the warning that was issued to me by the goddess that morning.

…Mmirinma”. I answered, calmly. I watched their expressions.

The smiles on their faces vanished instantly.

I bent my head to avoid hubby’s questioning gaze.

“What kind of a name is that. Eh!, Nmaemeka?”. Mama asked.

“Honestly, mama, I’m surprised too because that is not my baby’s name”. Hubby replied.

I knew the silence that followed after was a ground for me to explain myself. I lifted my head up, and opened my mouth.

“I call her mmirinma because of her beautiful she is. Mama, have you not looked at her face?”. I heard myself saying.

“And so what?”. Mama wasn’t moved by my meaningless explanation, neither was hubby. He released a loud sigh.

“Mama, don’t mind her .The baby’s name is Chinenyenwa”. He said.

The smile on her face returned, and she began to dance round the room, still holding the baby in her arms.

“Yes ohh? Chukwunenyenwa! It’s only God that gives children. He stepped in for us after five fruitless years just like in the days of old. Same way he visited Hannah, Sarah, Rachel, Elizabeth and all the other women that were once called barren…”. Mama went on and on

She was so happy, and I wouldn’t want to ruin the moment with my confession.

This baby is a source of happiness. I found myself smiling, but then I felt the mamiwater may not like the way mama was busy praising God instead of her, so I tried to interrupt her.

“Mama, are your legs not paining you?. Sit down na”. I said, looking feigning concern.

She didn’t say anything. She continued praising God.

“I will her Oluebubechukwu (Miracle)”. She said, smiling lovingly at the baby.

The baby began to cry again at the mention of that name.

“Dorathy, I think you need to breastfeed her”. Mama said. She handed her back to me, and went back to her seat.

At first, I was glad she did, but after hubby helped me unzip my blouse, I remembered the situation of things outside…. Ethel.

I looked at hubby.

“Do you not know what is happening in the compound?”. I asked.

“What?”. He asked.

“Yes, I observed something wasn’t right when I entered”. Mama added, curiously .

“Ethel is dead”. I announced.

“Ethel? who is Ethel? Hope is not that little girl?”. Hubby asked widening his eyes.

“Yes, it’s the little girl”. I nodded.

“What happened to the her? Was she sick or something?”. He asked.

“She was bitten by something I don’t know”. I answered, watching the baby’s reaction.

“Oh God!”. Hubby cried.

“It’s a pity. May her soul rest in peace. Mama prayed.

The baby made an angry sound.

… Please, bre@stfeed the baby. She is hungry”. Mama added.

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#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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