Mamiwota is after my life episode 3

Mamiwota is after my life 3😢

After that incident, I wasn’t able to bring myself together to breastfeed my baby… I couldn’t help but imagine she biting off my n*****s. So that night, I introduced bottle feeding, and surprisingly, she drained the bottle in a sip.

My husband wasn’t pleased with the new development.

“How could you be feeding a 10 day old baby cow milk?. What happened to your b****t milk?”. He fummed.

I knew he was more concerned about the money we would be spending buying baby food than he was in whether the baby accepted the food or not because he still could not find a suitable job.

I was worried too, but I think I have to do this for the meantime.

I was packing my baby’s cloth in the evening of the next day when I saw Ethel with a bandage in her hand. When I asked, her mom said they couldn’t sleep last night. The finger disturbed her all through the night.

“Ethel cried all through the night. This morning, I noticed the finger gradually swelling so I took her to the street chemist. She shrugged.

….. I don’t know what those children did to my daughter oo”. She added after a short pause.

I felt cold chills running down my spine.

Quickly, I hurried into the house with the clothes, heaped them on top the bed, picked up my phone, and placed a call through to Angela.

She lived in the same street as I did, so in less than twenty minutes, she was already knocking at my door.

I told her all that have happened so far.

“I think there’s something abnormal about my baby, you need to help me go see the mamiwota”. I begged, but she refused.

“If you asked me to go with you, I have no problem with that. But you see, going there alone? No way!”. She argued.

It was hard to decide. I had no one with which to leave the baby. I forgot to mention that my mom collapsed in the farm two days before I put to birth, and has been in the hospital ever since. My only sister has been the one taking care of her. The woman who comes to help bathe the baby leaves as soon as she dressed her.

And even if I succeeded in finding a babysitter, to where would I tell my husband I have gone?🤷

After much contemplation, Angela came up with a perfect suggestion.

That night, .b.I lied to my husband that I would be going to see the doctor in the morning for a thorough check-up.

“I feel a movement in my lower abdomen. I need to visit the doctor”. I lied.

“Sorry about that, darling. I hope it’s nothing serious”. He muttered caressing the spot.

“I hope so too. Please, can you do me y
a favor?”. I asked.

“Anything for you”. He replied.

“Please, help me babysit Nenye for a day… I promise I won’t stay out too long”. I begged.

Poor husband!. He was so always concerned about me.

“It’s not a big deal, though I have somewhere I’m expected to be early tomorrow morning. But your health is more important to me right now”. He had said.

I gave him a peck on the cheek and we cuddled each other to sleep.

Very early the next morning, I left the house. I met Angela waiting in front of the kiosk as we had agreed, and we both left for oma mmiri.

The Mamiwota was already seated on throne in the center of the ocean before our arrival… like she knew we were coming.

She still has her shiny necklace on and it was at this very visit that I observed it wasn’t an ordinary necklace…. it was a cobra.

I wetted my pant.

Again, when I looked closely at her eyes, I saw fire… burning fire. I held firmly onto Angela.

“What is happening here?”. I whispered.

“I think something or someone got her upset”. Angela has thought out loud.

But when the goddess finally spoke, I realized that the one who had gotten her upset was no other than “Yours truly”.

I don enter.

But why didn’t she explain all these initially?….

#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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