Mamiwota is after my life episode 9

Episode 9

Mamiwota Is After My Life 😭

Before the car engine was kicked to life, I heard a voice calling from the gate. I looked back through the window, and saw hubby approaching. His sister was walking quietly behind him, holding an empty bowl on her hand..

“God! I’m dead”. I muttered silently.

“Move, move the car”. Angela commanded the confused driver.

“There will be no need for that. He has seen us”. I replied.

“You were not careful enough”. She quarrelled.

I cracked my head for the right word with which to defend myself as the two moved closer to the car.

“Hmm, I told you. I knew what I saw. I was going to the backyard to throw dirty water when I saw her sneaking out with the baby”. The sister said, with both leaning on the car window.

“Dora, what are you doing?. Where are you going to?. Hubby asked.

“I, I, I… I was going to..”. I began to stammer.

“Where are you going to with the baby?”. He asked again.

“Let her come down first”. The sister said, opening the car door to let me out.

I stepped down with trembling feet. The envelope in my hand slipped, and fell down at his feet.

To make matters worse, the envelope slipped off my hand, and fell at his feet.

He bent over, picked it up, opened it, and examined it’s content.

“Is this not the money I dropped on the table in the room? Is this not the thanksgiving offering?”. He yelled.

By now, mother-in-law has joined the scene.

“What is happening here?”. She asked, redoing her wrappers.

“I don’t know where Dora was going with our baby oo”. The sister answered instantly.

I opened my mouth again to explain, but no word was coming out this time.

To make matters worse, the driver got annoyed, stepped down from the steering, opened the trunk, and brought out the thanksgiving items.

The sister screamed on top her voice

” Jesus Christ! She was even going to go with the yams and c**k”. She exclaimed.

“No be wetin I come do be this”. He hissed.

Angela shook her head, and hurried out behind the moving vehicle.

“Can someone explain what is happening here?”. Hubby found his voice again.

I knew I had to say something reasonable to save my face. Even if I must confess, it would be unwise doing so in the presence of mother-in-law and her troublesome daughter

“You see, the thing is, I was going to, I’m not happy with with the fact that you were going to give out all these items to the priest and his family when we are starving..”. I began, but hubby interrupted me.

“What n0nsense are you saying?” He couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“Oh! Dorathy!. Why do you speak like one of the f00lish women? God blessed you with a child after 5 years of waiting, and you didn’t see a reason to show gratitude?”. Mother-in-law exclaimed.

“Dora, we are not giving to the priest, but to God”. Hubby explained the obvious.

The sister frowned.

“Don’t tell me y’all believed this lie. She doesn’t want the priest and his family to have the thanksgiving items. Who then deserves them? Where was she going with them?.”Sh quarrelled.

For a moment, I thought I that statement alone was going to arose more suspicion, but hubby’s next word brought relief to my heart.

“Sasa, it’s okay. Help take these things inside. Dora, mama, let’s go in”. He said, gently pushing me back through the open gate.

The sister picked the yam, and we all went back to the house.

The thanksgiving took place quite alright. It was later in the evening while we were dinning with few neighbors that it happened…


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#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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