Mamiwota is after my life episode 16

Episode 16

Mamiwota Is After My Life 😭

What just happened? Where am I?. I was wondering, before the river goddess appeared in front of me, with burning eyes.

Mamiwater!. I exclaimed in my mind.

How did I get here?….. I thought. One minute, I was standing in my room, leaning against the wall. The next, I was in in the ocean, looking the goddess in the face.

“The stubborn fly that refused to listen to advice should get ready to be buried together with the c0rpse”. She said, interrupting my thought.

I opened my mouth to explain things to her. To let her know that I have been trying. That I have done so much in order to keep her instructions just that hubby has decided to be an obstacle.

But then no word was coming out of my mouth…all I see was bubbles. That was when I realized I was standing under water.

Jesus Christ! I exclaimed in my head.

“Since you couldn’t keep a simple instruction, I am going to teach you a lesson”. She said. And that was the last thing I heard her say before I found myself again being dragged along a muddy path by her(the mamiwater).

I was sobbing and pleading for mercy in my mind because each time I open my mouth to speak, water filled it up.

I tried getting on my feet, but the ground was too slippery to hold me upward…I was helpless.

I closed my eyes in silent prayers, asking God for his mercy.

“God, if you save me now, I promise to worship you till eternity”.

We must have journeyed for more than fifteen minutes before I heard a familiar voice interrupting the movement.

“Stop right there!”.

Slowly, I opened my eyes to behold the archedecon walking towards us.

The vicar? How did he get here? And..wait a second!. How is he able to speak under the ocean?. I was marvelled.

I watched him walked passed me to stand before the goddess behind me.

“I command you to leave her alone!”. I heard him say.

“Who are you to walk into my kingdom and challenge me?”. I heard her yelled at him.

“The whole world belongs to God including under the sea, and I am a servant of God.”. The vicar’s voice was growing louder.

This must have angered the goddess that she screamed with a louder voice👇

“Get behind me!!”.

“I should be telling you that. Leave this woman alone right now”. The priest retorted.

“She has something that belongs to me, and I’m not leaving her unless she returns it”. The goddess spoke.

“I am not here to negotiate anything with you. Leave her alone right now!”. The priest commanded.

“Never!”. She exclaimed.

And with that, there was a great clash like sound of swords clashing against each other. But she still hold my hand very tight.

This went on for a long while. All I could do was listen. I was lying behind the goddess, and her long robe was obstructing all possible views.

“Her soul belongs to me!”. The goddess was repeating the words every second.

“Her soul belongs to God”. .The priest would say.

After what seems like eternity, the goddess screamed with a loud voice.

“Give me back my child, and have her!”.

“The seed was planted by God. You have no right to claim ownership”. The priest retorted.

“The child is mine!”. She yelled.

“You lie!. You only possessed her”. The priest thundered.

“The child is mine!”. She repeated, louder this time.

“You lie!”. The priest challenged her

What are they talking about?🤷.

#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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