Mamiwota is after my life episode 15

Episode 15

Mamiwota Is After My Life 😭

I was in the living room, feeding the baby that night, when a knock on the door interrupted.

I looked at the wall clock hanging on the wall. Time was just some minutes before 7…too early for hubby’s return.

“Who is there?”. I asked, fretfully.

“Open the door”.

That was hubby’s voice.

I dropped the baby food on the side table, and stood up to open the door. As soon as my hand got hold of the doorhandles the baby began to cry. For this reason, I quickly unbolted the door, and ran back to the resume feeding her.

I heard the door open behind me, and without turning, I greeted him.

“Peace be unto this house”.

The above statement followed immediately I sat back down. That was when I realized he hasn’t come alone. I looked up. Standing behind the closed door, were the archedecon, his wife and two prayer warriors.

What is this man up to?. I wondered.

I quietly stood up to welcome them.

“Good evening, daddy. Good evening, mummy”. I greeted, putting up a fake smile.

“Good evening, my daughter”. The man responded.

The woman merely smiled. Hubby offered them seats. After they were seated, I picked the food from the table and excused them with the crying baby.

Though we were alone in the room, the baby refused to be comforted. She cried and struggled, and in the process she threw her food away.

I stood up again, and started pacing up and down the bedroom, singing for her. But that added no effect. It made the matter worst instead.

Hubby walked in.

“What is wrong with her?. Why has she been crying?”. He asked.

“Why did you bring them here?”. I asked, ignoring his own questions.

“For the deliverance”. He replied, abruptly.

“Whose deliverance?”. I asked.

“The baby’s of course. I told the archedecon all the things you told me”. He said..

“Honey, but deliverance is not the best right now. I have told you that the only solution is to offer a sacrifice of Thanksgiving to the shrine. That’s all the river goddess ever wanted”. I explained.

He frowned.

“Are you the one saying this or something is speaking through you?. I should go and offer sacrifice of thanksgiving to a river de!ty for a child whom God has used to wipe our tears away?. Dora, how did you get to this point?.”. He quarrelled.

“I know…”. I was going to say something, but the baby slapped my mouth while struggling to break free from my hold.

Hubby and I exchanged glances.

“She is doing all these because of them”. He stated the obvious. And with that, he snatched her away from my hands, and stormed out of the room.

I leaned on the wall with my hands on my head.

“It is finished. I muttered.

Why is the dev!l using this man?. Why does he not want to listen to me. I wept.

..God, please, let no harm come to any of us”. I said a silent prayer.

The cry of the baby could still be heard above the voices of the priest and his team as they pray fervently and speak in tongues.

Just then, my head began to ache. Gradually I was going down until I slumped on the hard floor.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them again, I found myself in the ocean, standing face to face with the mamiwater.

Her eyes were burning red like never before.

#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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