Mamiwota is after my life

Mamiwota Is After My Life😭.

I regret everything now.

It all started the evening my neighbor and her husband came to fight me in my kitchen. My only offence was spanking their daughter for bullying a younger child in .

The woman was so angry that she poured a bucket of water on my cooking fire and quenched it.

Her husband threw my oil container over the fence and emptied my salt container all over the kitchen.

They even wanted to beat me up, but for the intervention of other neighbors.

I just kept calm, watching them display.

The only statement I grabbed from them was the woman saying it’s because I have never experienced the pains of labour. This story belongs to Joy Ifunanya.

I cried throughout that evening and at the end, made up my mind to follow my friend, Angela to a place she has always wanted us to go.

I didn’t mention a word of what happened to my husband when he returned from work that night. I just couldn’t wait for the next day. I was determined to put an end to my predicament

Very early the next morning, after my husband left for work, I went to Angela’s house. She was happy to hear that I have finally agreed to seek solution to my problem after all these years, and without much delay, we left to oma mmiri shrine. After we alighted from the bus, we had to walk for another one hour along that lonely sloppy path.

“It’s been long I walked this distance”. I panted.

“Don’t worry, we shall soon get there”. She kept assuring.

That was my very first time of seeing a real shrine. I felt goosebumps all over my body.I held unto Angela as we sat at the bank of the river waiting for the appearance of the Mamiwota

Her appearance sent cold chills down my spine, though she doesn’t appear scary. She stood there in the middle of the ocean like a normal human with water dripping all over her shiny body. Permit me to say, she is so beautiful, and her voice like so melodious.

To my greatest astonishment, she was aware of all my ordeals. She knew I have been barren in my 5 years marriage. She also revealed that my mother inlaw had started making plans to bring in a second wife for her son.

I was given an egg and asked to eat it immediately after meeting with my husband. I was also asked to drink my first morning urine.

I did as was instructed and I conceived that very month.

I gave birth to my girl nine months later and that was the beginning of my problems….

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#Story from Joy Ifunanya

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