Isabella episode 5

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Charles instructed Isabella to join him in bed and behave obediently, hinting that he might delete the video if she satisfied him. Isabella refused, prompting Charles to question why she is pretending to be shy when he had already seen her n*kedn*ss.

“I’m captivated by your beauty, especially your lovely br**sts. The thought of touching and tasting them sends shivers of romantic excitement down my spine. I can hardly wait to enjoy the pleasure of your succulent ‘oranges’.”

Isabella pleaded, “I can’t do this, please. I can’t l!e on the same bed with a man who isn’t my husband. It goes against my beliefs.” Charles retorted, “Now you’re making me angry. If you want me to delete the video, you have to make love to me tonight.” Isabella begged Charles, “Please don’t do this to me. I’m a virgin.”

When Charles heard this, he said, “This is wonderful. I have never been intimate with a virgin, so you will be the first.” He forcefully dragged Isabella onto his bed, insisting that she cooperate or else he wouldn’t delete the video.

Isabella begged him to stop, but he refused. He kissed her and remarked on her beauty and soft skin, questioning how anyone could resist her. Despite Isabella’s protests, he continued to romance and s**k her br**sts. When she objected, he silenced her, insisting that she would enjoy it. He arrogantly claimed that many girls would beg to spend a night with him, but he is freely offering himself to her.

He persisted in his advances, despite Isabella’s resistance. She attempted to shout, but he threatened to post the video if she did. Isabella endured the pain silently, tears streaming down her face, as Charles instructed her to smile and assured her she would enjoy it.

He kissed her all over her body and went deeper, even though Isabella asked him to stop because it hurt. But Charles said she is sweet, so he didn’t want to stop. After he was done, he fell asleep, while Isabella cried all night.

In the morning, Isabella begged him to let her go, but he hugged her tightly and refused. He said he hadn’t had enough of her yet. Charles told her, “You’re the sweetest girl I’ve ever been with. I know you liked it, even if you’re pretending. Come on, tell me. Am I really good in bed?. Which style did you like best last night?”

Isabella hiss in frustration, showing she was not happy. Charles didn’t listen to her and suggested trying again, promising to be gentle this time. Even though Isabella said no many times, he still went ahead forcefully. Isabella cried out in pain, but Charles said sorry and claimed he would be gentle.

Later that day, Charles gave Isabella money to go to the market, and she used it to prepare food for him. Isabella asked him to keep his promise and delete the video after what happened between them. Charles expressed surprise at Isabella’s kindness but refused to delete the video, saying he couldn’t do it.

Charles explained that if he delete the video, he wouldn’t be able to hold Isabella again. Isabella cried and begged him to keep his promise. She reminded him of what he said he would do, her voice shaking with sadness. Charles stood up, “I want you all to myself,” Charles declared.

“Please, I’m sorry,” he said, feeling really bad about what he did. “I can’t delete it. I need to be with you.” He felt like his feelings were really strong. He knew their relationship started as a game, but now it’s much more serious.

“You’re the first virgin I’ve been with,” Charles admitted, his eyes softening. “I want to be with you forever, Isabella.” He felt sorry for what he’d done and really wanted her. Despite his mistakes, he begged Isabella to think about being with him, expressing how much he wanted her to be his partner. He sounded sincere and sorry for what he did.

Charles told Isabella, “I want to date and love you. I’m sorry our relationship started like this. If you agree, I’ll delete the video.” Isabella responded angrily, asking what kind of relationship it is if it began with manipulation. She expressed her hatred towards Charles and said he could upload the video if he want because she no longer care.

Isabella angrily went back to her hostel feeling upset. She couldn’t hold back her tears and started crying again. Alone in her room, she questioned herself, wondering how she had ended up in such a situation. Frustrated and angry, she grabbed the phone Charles had given her and forcefully threw it against the wall, shattering it. Then, she gathered all the gifts he had given her and burned them, trying to rid herself of any reminder of Charles.

In his room, Charles felt deep regret for how he had treated Isabella. He realized he had acted forcefully and inappropriately towards her. Reflecting on his actions, he admitted to himself that he never expected Isabella to be a virgin, as most of the women he had dated were not. He wished he had approached the situation differently, knowing now that he had crossed a line. He was filled with guilt and acknowledged the severity of his actions, acknowledging that Isabella hated him for what he had done. Charles feared the consequences of his behavior, knowing that if Isabella reported him, he could end up in jail. He recognized that he had been f**lishly caught up in what he saw as a challenge, but now understood the serious implications of his actions.

Fueled by anger at himself and remorse for his actions, Charles swiftly deleted the video from his phone and any other device it was stored on. Desperate to make amends, he attempted to call Isabella, but her phone was switched off. Meanwhile, Isabella remained secluded in her room for an entire week, refusing to open the door or respond to any attempts to contact her. She shut off her phone as well, isolating herself from the outside world as she grappled with the traumatic experience.

During her week of seclusion, Isabella realized that she had missed several tests due to her emotional pains. As she reflected on what had happened, she deeply regretted allowing Charles to touch her. She felt ashamed of the experience and wished she had chosen the embarrassment of the leaked video over the trauma of being intimate with him. Determined to protect herself from further harm, Isabella made a firm decision not to let anyone hurt her again. Despite her concerns that the video may have gone viral, she found herself surprisingly indifferent to its potential impact. Meanwhile, Charles, unable to reach Isabella, grew increasingly worried about her well-being, fearing that she may have harmed herself in her distress.

Charles told his older brother about what he did. His brother scolded him and said it was a serious problem. He warned Charles that he could go to jail if Isabella reported him. Isabella came out of her room after a week looking better. She went to her school to ask her lecturers if she could retake the tests she missed. Some lecturers agreed, but others said she had to get ready for the next exams.

Isabella didn’t let what happened with Charles make her feel weak. She decided to leave it all behind and keep moving forward. A friend told Charles that Isabella is in campus today, so he rushed to school to try to talk to her. When he got there, he checked her classroom, but she isn’t there. Then he went to her hostel, but she isn’t there either.

Isabella is in the library reading. Charles called her, but she saw the call and muted it. Isabella doesn’t want to see or talk to Charles because she detests him. Later, Charles went to his own class, surprising his classmates because he usually doesn’t attend classes, yet he passes most of his courses.

After class, Charles went to Isabella’s hostel to check up on her. Isabella had returned by then. When he knocked, she opened the door, but upon seeing his face, she quickly closed it. Despite her attempt to keep him out, Charles opened the door and entered inside. Isabella asked him what he wanted, questioning if he intended to r@pe her again or threaten her with the video. Charles knelt down and apologized, expressing regrets over his actions,admitting that he didn’t know what came over him.

Charles expressed his apologies again and mentioned that he deleted the video. He also stated that he would accept any punishment Isabella wished to impose on him. However, Isabella was not swayed by his words, stating that his apologies wouldn’t change anything. She expressed her hatred towards him and demanded that he leave her room, threatening to call the police if he didn’t.

Charles pleaded with Isabella to call the police, expressing readiness to face the consequences of his actions. Isabella, however, urged him to leave her room if he had any shred of humanity left in him. Charles left the room, feeling remorseful for his behavior.

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