Isabella episode 3


Written by Rukevwe merry

When Isabella came back to her room in the hostel, she changed her clothes and freshen up to feel clean. Then, she picked up her books and continued reading where she had stopped before. She liked reading because it helped her learn new things.

The next day, Isabella went to her classes. In one of her classes, the lecturer gave back the test scripts they had taken earlier. Isabella looked at her test paper and saw the marks she got. She felt happy because she knew she did well. She remembered what she wrote in the test and felt proud of herself.

Isabella smiled because she worked hard on the test, and she got the marks she deserved. She knew she did a good job because she studied and answered the questions carefully. It made her feel proud of herself and motivated her to keep working hard in her classes.

During the class, Isabella’s lecturer used her as an example for other students to follow because of her good performance. However, some students didn’t feel happy about the way the lecturer praised her. They thought it wasn’t fair or right.

After the class ended, Isabella’s classmates talked to Charles and told him that he hadn’t done anything yet. They also mentioned that Isabella was doing even better than before.

When Charles heard what Isabella’s classmates said, he told them to calm down. He promised them that starting from this week, Isabella wouldn’t be doing well anymore. He seemed determined to somehow bring Isabella down or make sure she didn’t succeed as much.

Later, at Isabella’s hostel, Charles came by once again with his usual proposal to be in a relationship. However, as always, Isabella turned him down. She didn’t feel the same way about Charles and didn’t want to be in a relationship with him. Despite his efforts, she remained firm in her decision.

Charles persisted, pleading with Isabella, “I want you, please stop refusing me.” However, Isabella stood her ground and replied firmly, “It’s high time you stop coming to see me. I’m only interested in my studies.” With that, she left him and went into her room.

Charles felt his anger boiling inside him as he heard the laughter from the girls around. One of them even had the audacity to speak up, saying, “She said she isn’t interested, let her be.” This only fueled Charles’s frustration further.

With a sharp hiss of annoyance, Charles stormed out of the hostel premises, his emotions swirling with disappointment and embarrassment. He didn’t want to stick around where he felt humiliated. Determined to cool off, he headed back to his hostel off-campus.

When Charles got home, he thought to himself that it was the perfect time to teach Isabella a lesson. In a cruel and threatening move, he sent video of Isabella bathing to her. With a written Text “warning her that if she didn’t want these video to go viral, she had to do everything he told her to do. It was a scary and manipulative act intended to control Isabella and make her comply with his demands.”

Isabella received the video from Charles and watched in shock as she saw herself bathing n@ked in Charles’s bathroom. Confused and alarmed, she immediately called Charles and demanded an explanation. She asked him why he had recorded her without her consent and what crime she had committed to deserve such treatment. Isabella reminded him that she had only come to assist him when he was sick.

Charles reacted in a scary manner. He told Isabella that her mistake is rejecting him as her boyfriend because he liked her, but she made fun of him. He confessed he would do anything to achieve his desires, even if it wasn’t fair. Then, he threatened Isabella, saying he would share the video online if she didn’t obey him. This would make her feel embarrassed and ashamed to go outside. It is a cruel and controlling threat, leaving Isabella feeling frightened and trapped.

Isabella felt broken when she saw what Charles had done. She had thought of him as a friend, but she didn’t realize he was hiding a cruel side.

The next morning, Charles called Isabella and asked her to come to his place. Isabella refused, but Charles threatened her, saying she would regret it if she didn’t come within the next 30 minutes. Isabella pleaded with him, explaining that she had a test she couldn’t miss. However, Charles gave her a strict ultimatum, saying that if she didn’t arrive within the next 28 minutes, she would face consequences. With a chilling tone, he ended the call, leaving Isabella feeling frightened and trapped.

Written by Rukevwe merry.
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