Isabella episode 7

WRITTEN BY Rukevwe merry

After the meeting, Charles went up to Isabella and said hi. Isabella said hi back.

Charles told Isabella, “I’ve been trying to call you for a long time, but you never answered. I stopped calling when I went overseas. How have you been?”

Isabella replied that she is okay. Charles then asked her for forgiveness, but Isabella felt uneasy and asked him to wait until after work to talk because she didn’t want others to think anything about them. Charles agreed and said they would talk later. Then, he left for his office.

It’s Charles’s first day at the office,even though he’s familiar with the business from his time abroad, his father is still guiding him through.

After work, Charles asked Isabella to meet him in his office, but she preferred to talk in a more public area. Charles agreed, and they met in a common area. Charles ordered some food, but Isabella declined to eat. Charles then expressed his remorse to Isabella, asking for her forgiveness and understanding. Isabella replied that it is okay and forgave him. She then expressed stressed and asked if she could go home. Charles agreed but insisted she eat first. Eventually, Isabella agreed and said she would eat before leaving.

While they were eating, Charles asked Isabella if she is married, to which she replied no. Then he asked if she is in a serious relationship, she also said no. Charles expressed relief, saying he is glad,Isabella smiled, curious about his gratitude. Charles explained that it meant he still had a chance to be with her. However, Isabella declined, saying she didn’t want him or anyone else.

After they finished eating, Charles dropped Isabella off at her place and then went home.

At home, Charles couldn’t stop smiling, thinking, “At least she finally forgave me after all these years. I’m so happy.”

The next day, Charles arrived at work looking neat and charming. Many of the female workers admired his appearance, but Isabella wasn’t swayed by his looks.

After addressing everyone for the day, Charles went to Isabella’s office. He expressed his feelings, saying that now that she had forgiven him, could she give him a chance. He confessed his love for her. Isabella responded that it wasn’t possible.

Charles pleaded for an opportunity to make things right, to correct his past mistakes and make her happy. However, Isabella explained that she couldn’t trust him anymore because he had betrayed her trust in the past by making a video of her n*ked. She insisted that they should just remain as boss and colleague.

Charles insisted, saying he isn’t the same person he was in school and that he had changed. He promised that if she gave him a chance, she wouldn’t regret it. Isabella replied that she couldn’t envision spending her life with him because it would constantly remind her of how he had mistreated her in the past.

Charles pleaded, pointing out that she had said she forgave him, yet she refused to forget. He begged for a chance, swearing he would never hurt her again. He admitted that he didn’t love her back then, but he did now. He confessed that he hadn’t dated anyone since their past, and he only wanted her. He professed his love for Isabella.

Isabella replied, “Can we continue this conversation after work? We have a lot of work to do, and you need to be responsible because your dad recently handed this company over to you.”

Charles then went back to his office. He called his elder brother to catch up, but his daughter answered and said that her dad is currently taking a bath and would call back once he is finished.

Later, Charles’s older brother called him back. Charles told him that he saw the girl he hurt in school now working at their company, and she forgave him. His brother said, “That’s good. You’re lucky. But never do something like that again.”

Charles assured his elder brother that he wouldn’t repeat such behavior again. He then confided in his brother that he is in love with the girl and wished to marry her. His brother wished him good luck, and they discussed other business matters before saying goodbye.


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