Isabella episode 8

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Charles asked Isabella to go on a dinner date. He said if she forgave him, she wouldn’t say no. Isabella said yes and went to dinner with Charles. Charles told Isabella he wanted them to be in a relationship because he loved her.

Isabella said she’s focused on work and helping her parents out of poverty. Charles suggested they could be in a relationship and still focus on work. He even mentioned wanting her to be his wife and the mother of their future children. Isabella smiled but said she hasn’t healed from what happened in school, so she can’t commit to that.

Isabella left and went back home. Charles told himself he would keep trying because he believed she would eventually get over the horror from school. The next day, Charles’ older brother called to say he is coming to visit. Charles is happy because he hadn’t seen his brother in a week.Charles informed his parents, and everyone made arrangements for his brother’s arrival.

The next day, Charles went to the airport to pick up his brother and his family. They chatted inside the car on the way home. When they arrived, their parents welcomed them warmly. Their father asked Ben how he is doing, expressing how much he missed him. Ben replied that he is fine and asked about their mother’s whereabouts.

She went out to the market. In the room, Charles said to his brother, “Now that you’re back, can you talk to Isabella for me? Maybe she’ll listen to you.” Ben replied, “I will, but first, I need food. I’m starving.”

At the office, Isabella isn’t very active. She is thinking about whether she should trust Charles again or not. Even though she is starting to develop feelings for the new Charles, the memories of what happened to her in school still hurt her.

Charles and his elder brother arrived at the office that afternoon. Charles introduced Isabella to his brother Ben. They exchanged pleasantries, and Ben complimented her on her beautiful face and shape. Isabella replied with thank you sir, Ben said she didn’t need to call him “sir” because he would soon be her brother-in-law. They all smiled.

Later that day, Charles visited Isabella at her house and complimented her beautiful place. Isabella thanked him.

Charles knelt down and asked Isabella to marry him. Isabella politely asked him to get up, saying she isn’t ready for this. But Charles refused to stand up until she accepted the ring. Eventually, Isabella gave in and accepted the ring. Charles stood up to hug her, but Isabella refused the hug.

That evening, Charles took Isabella to show her to his parents. His dad is surprise, wondering why Charles want to marry his employee just a week after returning. Charles explained that they had known each other since school, helping his dad understand the situation better.

His parents welcomed Isabella with open arms. After a week, Isabella took Charles to meet her parents, who also welcomed him warmly. Charles promised to take care of Isabella and her parents, now that he is going to become their son. Isabella’s parents thanked Charles and approved of their union.

Two months later, Charles and Isabella got married. Charles’s elder brother gifted them with a house to start their new life together.

Both Charles and Isabella moved into their new house, while Ben and his family returned abroad because of the company he manage there. Despite being married, Isabella still isn’t comfortable with Charles. Whenever he came to bed, fear gripped her, and they lived like strangers for a year.

While Isabella is watching a movie, her mother called and asked when she would give her grandkids. Isabella smiled and replied, “God’s time is the best.”

Charles successfully managed to elevate his father’s business to great heights, tripling their previous earnings.

After work, Charles returned home and he is welcome by Isabella. She asked him to shower before joining her downstairs for dinner, which he did. After eating, Charles went to sleep in another room, while Isabella retired to their room to sleep.

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