Isabella episode 2

Written by Rukevwe merry

Charles is in a tough spot. He had challenged Isabella’s classmates, and he really didn’t want to lose the challenge. So, he decided to ask his friends for advice. He went to them one by one, hoping they could help him come up with a good plan.

After listening to his friends’ suggestions, Charles spent some time by himself, thinking hard about what to do next. He realized he needed to do something special to win this challenge. So, he decided to buy a new phone for Isabella, thinking it could help him in some way.

But when Charles offered the phone to Isabella, she politely refused. She said she was perfectly happy with the phone she already had. Charles didn’t give up easily, though. He explained to Isabella that the new phone would allow her to browse the internet, something she couldn’t do with her current phone. He also told her that he wanted to thank her for all the help she had given him with his studies.

At first, Isabella wasn’t sure what to do. She didn’t want to accept such a big gift, especially since she already had a phone that worked just fine. But after thinking about it for a while, she realized that Charles is being really kind and generous. So, she decided to accept the gift and thanked Charles for his thoughtfulness.

One day, Charles called Isabella and asked her to come over to his hostel, which is off-campus, to help him cook. He told her he is feeling very sick and couldn’t manage on his own. Isabella, being a caring friend, felt worried about Charles’s health and immediately agreed to help him.

She set off on a journey to find Charles’s hostel, even though it was located off-campus and she wasn’t familiar with the area. Despite the challenges of an unfamiliar location, Isabella remained determined to reach Charles’s place and assist him.

After some time, Isabella finally managed to locate Charles’s hostel. She was relieved to have found it and hurried inside to check on her friend, ready to offer her help and support during his time of need.

Isabella went to the market to buy food ingredients for Charles. Meanwhile, Charles and his friends secretly put a camera in his bathroom. They wanted to trick Isabella into taking a bath at his place, so they could record her without her knowing. Charles planned to use the video to threaten and control Isabella later on.

When Isabella returned from the market, she cooked a meal for Charles and served it to him. Charles, however, insisted that he couldn’t eat alone, so Isabella joined him at the table. As they were eating, Charles asked for more soup. Isabella kindly went to get it from the kitchen.

As Isabella walked back to the table with the soup, Charles suddenly pretended to stand up. In the confusion, he accidentally knocked over the bowl, spilling the hot soup all over Isabella’s clothes.

Charles apologized profusely to Isabella for the accident and urged her to go to the bathroom to wash off the soup stain. As soon as Isabella entered the bathroom, Charles discreetly turned on the hidden camera, which Isabella was completely unaware of.

Inside the bathroom, Isabella proceeded to remove her clothes to wash off the soup stain, still unaware of the presence of the camera. She decided to fully undress to ensure her clothes were thoroughly cleaned, and then proceeded to take a bath. After bathing, Isabella dressed herself again and left the bathroom, oblivious to the fact that she had been recorded.

Meanwhile, Charles watched the footage from the hidden camera, waiting for the opportune moment to turn it off. When he noticed Isabella preparing to leave the bathroom, he quickly switched off the camera, satisfied that he had captured the compromising footage he desired.

When Isabella came back from the bathroom, Charles invited her to return to the dining area to continue eating. However, Isabella’s clothes were still wet from washing the soup stain, making her feel uncomfortable.

Isabella said she had to go back to school to change her wet clothes. Charles thanked her and she left for her hostel. Later, Charles watched the video of Isabella in the bathroom on his phone. He felt powerful, thinking he could now control Isabella with the video. He laughed and called himself a genius for making the plan.

Written by Rukevwe merry
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