Isabella episode 4


Episode 4
Written by Rukevwe merry

Isabella hurried to Charles’s house. When Charles saw her, he said, “Good girl. You were playing hard to get, but see how I brought you here. I don’t have any feelings for you, I don’t even like you.”I would have considered loving you if you hadn’t played hard to get.” I only pursued you because I was challenged,

Isabella is surprise by what Charles is saying. She pleaded, “Please delete the video. I haven’t done anything wrong to you. I have a test to write, please let me go.” But Charles replied, “The video is my trump card. I won’t f**lishly delete it.”

Isabella continued begging, “I don’t have any money to pay you for the video. My parents are poor, and I’m their last hope. If you post this video, I won’t be able to show my face outside.” Charles replied, “If you listen to me, then no one will see this video.” He continued, “Henceforth, I will choose the days you will go to class, the days you will write tests, and the days you will spend in my arms. I will tell you when to read, where to sleep, and when to eat.”

“I will control your life henceforth,” Charles asserted. Isabella knelt on the ground, pleading once more, “Please, don’t do this to me. I’m my parents’ last hope. Don’t destroy my education. I’m just 17 years old, still in my first year. Please don’t shatter my dreams.” She cried and begged, but Charles just laughed at her. He told her to go write her test and then come back in the evening to spend time with him.

Isabella quickly ran and left for the campus. When she got to school, the test was finished. Her coursemates asked her why she came later, and she said she forgot she had a test that morning. She left for her hostel, where she started crying again. She gathered all the gifts Charles gave her and tried burning them outside, but Charles called her immediately. He said, “My eyes are on you. Don’t dare burn my gifts. Return them back to the room.” She followed his instructions.

Back at Charles’s place, he is with his friends. He told them, “Isabella will be sleeping in my room tonight.” They were surprised and asked, “Did she say yes to you already?” Another friend asked, “Are you dating her already?” Charles told them to calm down, saying, “I get whatever I want.” All the guys laughed and called Charles a genius.

Isabella is in her room, crying. She hasn’t been able to focus on her book; instead, she’s consumed by thoughts of how to save herself. Although she considered suicide, she quickly dismissed the idea, realizing she’s her parents’ last hope. She decided she would beg Charles again, and if he refused, she would report him to the police.

While she was thinking, Charles’s call came in. He said, “Don’t keep me waiting. It’s almost 4 pm. Before 5 pm, you should be in my arms.” Isabella hissed and cut the call. That evening, she went back to Charles’s place and begged him again, but he refused. Frustrated and desperate, she went to Charles’s kitchen, grabbed a knife, and told him that if he didn’t delete the video, she would harm him.

Charles slapped her and took the knife from her. Isabella persisted, saying, “I will report you to the police if you don’t delete the video.” Charles started laughing, saying, “My family is wealthy; we control the police. I’ll just give my elder brother a call, and I’ll be out in no time. But as for you, your videos must have gone viral even before the police will arrest me.”

Isabella asked, “Then why don’t you ki!! me instead of torturing me like this?” Charles laughed, saying, “Hahaha, I’m not a mu*der*r. If only you had accepted me, I wouldn’t have gone this far.”

Written by Rukevwe merry
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