Isabella episode 9

Written by Rukevwe merry

In the morning, Charles got dressed and went to work without saying hello to Isabella. When Isabella woke up and looked for Charles, he was already gone. She felt sad and wondered why he is acting differently. So, she called him and asked why he is being distant. Charles apologized and promised to take three days off work to spend time with her.

After finishing work, Charles asked his manager to handle things for him because he would be working from home for the next three days. When he got home, Isabella welcomed him as usual. They ate together and watched movies until Isabella fell asleep.

Charles carried Isabella to their room and laid her on the bed, but Isabella woke up and told him not to touch her. Charles asked why, and Isabella said he had lost the right to touch her. Charles respected her wishes and left the room, sleeping in the sitting room instead.

In the morning, Charles called Isabella and expressed concern about their future as a family, asking if they would be held back by what happened in the past. Isabella assured him that he wouldn’t be paying for it forever but asked for time to heal. Despite this, Isabella served Charles his food, but he refused to eat it.

He took his car keys and left to eat outside, deciding to stop eating at home altogether, which made Isabella unhappy. A few days later, Charles gave Isabella a large sum of money, telling her it would be enough to support her for six months. He assured her that if it isn’t sufficient, she could call him, and he would send more money.

“I will be traveling for six months to get away from all this drama,” Charles announced. Isabella refused, saying she couldn’t stay alone in their big house for that long. Ignoring her plea, Charles left the money and went to pack his bags. Isabella begged him not to leave her alone, expressing her inability to cope with the situation.

Charles took his bags and left, ignoring Isabella’s calls. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he hoped that his absence would make her realize her mistakes.

Isabella gave Charles many missed calls, but he deliberately didn’t pick up. Feeling desperate, Isabella called Ben and asked him to help beg Charles to come back home, promising to change her behavior. Ben asked what happened, and Isabella explained how she had been withholding physical affection from Charles since they got married.

Ben agreed to intervene on the condition that Isabella promised to change. After making the promise, Ben called Charles and persuaded him to return home. Charles came back that same day, and Isabella ran to hug him, apologizing and expressing her commitment to change. They hugged each other tightly, both ready to move forward.

The next day, Isabella woke up early and went out to buy a s@xy gown. She then prepared a delicious meal and cake, taking extra care to make everything perfect. Afterward, she took a bath and put on the s@xy gown she had bought.

She surprised Charles with a cake in bed, shouting “Happy birthday, darling!” Charles is overwhelm because he hadn’t even remember his birthday due to all the recent drama. They cut the cake together and enjoyed it. Isabella then encouraged Charles to freshen up and join her at the dining table.

Charles cleaned up and joined her, noticing his wife dressed provocatively, but he didn’t react to it. They both ate their meal, and Charles expressed his desire to return to bed to sleep.

This angered Isabella, thinking to herself that he couldn’t even compliment her outfit. Charles went to their room to sleep, and Isabella followed him.

“Wake up! Can’t you see I’m wearing a s@xy outfit? You can’t even compliment my clothes,” Isabella exclaimed.

Charles apologized and said it is beautiful, then pretended to go back to sleep to provoke her. Isabella insisted that he wake up, telling him that now She’s giving him attention, but he’s not giving reciprocating it

Charles apologized, saying they would talk later, but Isabella climbed on top of him and started kissing him. Surprised, Charles asked if she is okay, health wise?, as this behavior is unlike her. Isabella didn’t respond; instead, she continued kissing him until Charles began to respond. They kissed passionately and made love for the first time after their marriage

Afterward, Isabella asked Charles if he enjoyed it, to which he jokingly replied no, adding that maybe if they did it again, he might enjoy it. Isabella smiled and told him to go to sleep. They both smiled and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Isabella became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Charles and Isabella lived happily ever after.

The End
Written by Rukevwe merry

This story doesn’t say it’s okay to use or hurt someone. If you’ve ever hurt someone, it’s good to say sorry. They might forgive you. Charles got away with his actions, but you might not be so lucky.

Thank you for reading.

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