Isabella episode 6

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Isabella finished her first year exams and went back home. She was excited to see her family again, especially her dad, who needed help on the farm. Isabella worked hard every day, helping her dad with chores and taking care of the plants and animals.

She kept herself busy so she wouldn’t think about Charles, who had hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, Charles had just finished his third year exams. He missed Isabella and tried calling her, but she didn’t answer his calls. He felt sad and confused.

When school resumed, everyone returned to their classes. Charles, feeling remorseful for his actions, decided to buy a reading rechargeable light for Isabella as a peace offering. However, when he offered her the gift, Isabella refused it, still upset with him. Charles understand why she was still angry and asked her how long she planned to stay m@d at him. Isabella’s response was firm: “Till eternity.”

Desperate for forgiveness and unable to focus on his studies with the tension between them, Charles pleaded with Isabella to forgive him. He confessed that he couldn’t concentrate knowing she was upset with him. However, Isabella wasn’t easily swayed.

She reminded him of his past behavior, accusing him of not taking his studies seriously and only being interested in chasing after girls on campus. She saw through his attempts to manipulate her and declared that she wouldn’t be foolish enough to forgive him or come close to him again.

Despite Isabella’s firm stance, Charles refused to give up on trying to mend their friendship. He continued to plead with her, emphasizing that he had changed for the better and regretted all of his past actions. He even went as far as offering to make amends by paying the consequences if Isabella wished to take legal action against him.

Isabella listened to his pleas but remained skeptical. She told him that if he truly wanted her forgiveness, he needed to prove it through his actions. She challenged him to be serious about his academic pursuits, suggesting that if he showed genuine dedication and improvement, she might consider forgiving him in the future. However, for the time being, she made it clear that she harbored deep h@tred towards him.

After promising to take his studies seriously, Charles left and focused on his education. He graduated with top marks. Before leaving the school, he visited Isabella to ask for forgiveness. However, she was still hurt by his actions and couldn’t forgive him. She asked him to leave.

Charles begged Isabella for forgiveness, but she said no. He felt sad and guilty for hurting her. Isabella kept going to school and eventually graduated. She went back to her village to show her parents her good grades. They were happy and proud of her. Isabella stayed with her family for a few months before going to the city to find a better job. She applied to different companies and was lucky to get a job and a place to stay in a big company.

Isabella began working at the company and received a generous salary, which made her happy. She was thrilled because she could save some money for herself and also send a lot to her parents back in the village.

Recently, the CEO of the company shared some exciting news with everyone. He announced that his second son would be returning from abroad soon. Once he is back, he would take over the company because the CEO needed to retire and rest. The CEO is well-love by everyone because he is very understanding and caring.

After a month, the CEO’s son returned from abroad. His father brought him to the office to introduce him to everyone. All the employees gathered in the conference room, including Isabella.

The CEO proudly announced, “My elder son is managing our business abroad, and now my second son, Charles, will be taking over the business here.” As Charles entered the room and greeted everyone, Isabella’s heart sank. Seeing him again sent a chill down her spine, stirring up old memories and emotions.

Charles addressed all the employees, expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome and asking for their cooperation, just as they had given to his father. Everyone in the office welcomed him with open arms, showing their support by applauding him. The atmosphere was filled with positivity and excitement as they embraced Charles’s new role in the company.

Written by Rukevwe merry
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