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Isabella is a very lovely young girl. She belongs to a family that faces some challenges. Her mother works as a trader, selling goods to earn money, while her father works as a farmer, tending to crops and animals.

Exciting news! Isabella has been offered a place at the university! At just 17 years old, she possesses both beauty and intelligence. This opportunity will allow her to pursue higher education and broaden her horizons.

Isabella’s parents worked tirelessly to gather enough money to send her to school. Despite their struggles, they were determined to provide her with an education.

Once Isabella began her studies, she excelled in all her courses, earning the admiration of not only her peers but also her lecturers. Her consistent academic success and friendliness made her a favorite among everyone at the university.

After classes, when Isabella returned to her hostel, she was greeted by a crowd of students eagerly seeking her help to solve their academic problems. Her reputation for being knowledgeable and approachable spread quickly.

She became a person who helped not only her classmates but also senior students in the university with their studies.

Isabella’s rapid rise to prominence made her the subject of much gossip and envy throughout the school. Many students couldn’t help but feel jealous of her accomplishments, especially considering she had only been at the university for a short time.

Unfortunately, jealousy can sometimes lead people to do hurtful things. Some of Isabella’s classmates, driven by envy, concocted a plan to undermine her success. They conspired with a student from third year name Charles to f@ke affection for Isabella, hoping to distract her from her studies and divert her progress.

Charles, a rich and good-looking guy, didn’t care much about studying because he could just pay his way through. He often asked Isabella for help with his schoolwork. Eventually, he began giving her gifts, but Isabella didn’t want them because she is happy with what she had. However, Charles kept trying to win her over with presents.

Charles kept trying to convince Isabella, and eventually, she began accepting his gifts. Despite this, Isabella stayed focused on her studies, which frustrated Charles. He felt like his efforts were wasted. So, he came up with a new plan.

Charles began bringing roses to Isabella and professing his love for her, claiming he couldn’t go a day without seeing her. However, Isabella, being in her first year of university and not interested in a relationship, made it clear to Charles that her main goal was to make her parents proud. She reminded him of the sacrifices her parents had made for her education, emphasizing her dedication to her studies.

Charles is not willing to pay attention because he dared Isabella’s classmates, saying he will do everything he can, by fair means or foul, to make Isabella lose her confidence.

Written by Rukevwe merry
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