I love my wife episode 5

:I love my wife
Chapter 5

Beauty came into the room with some of her husband’s clothes which she ironed. Idris was in the bathroom,she was arranging the clothes in the wardrobe when her husbands phone beeped indicating a new message.
Beauty was surprised that her husband left the phone on the bed. Idris formed the habit of going almost everywhere with his phone. Always on the edge each time the phone rings.
She kept wondering what was really going on with the sudden attitude.

Beauty wanted to take the phone to him in the bathroom but decided against it. She took the phone and opened the message which read “I HAD SO MUCH FUN TODAY. YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO HANDLE ME. I CAN’T WAIT TO BE WITH YOU AGAIN THIS WEEKEND. KISSES 😘”

Beauty gasped in shock she read the message from Vicky. Her hands and legs were shaking,she fall to the floor as hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She held her chest as she felt her heart ripping out of her chest.

Idris walked into the room and met his wife on the floor in tears. He rushed to her in fear

“Honey are you okay? He asked trying to hold her

“Don’t you dare touch me.”Beauty warned and Idris was taken aback.

“Are you okay? He asked again still surprised at her sudden reaction.

Beauty burst into a weird laughter. “Aren’t you a good actor? Wow you will sure win award of the best actor of the year. You think I won’t find out? ”

“Babe what are you talking about? You are scaring me.”Idris replied.

Beauty quickly grabbed his phone and showed him the message. “This is what am talking about ” she was hoping all these was a mistake. Maybe Vicky sent the message to him by mistake but Idris face when he saw the message gave him up.

“Ah… So you are cheating on me? Beauty said as fresh tears made its way down her cheeks

“Babe I can explain.. It’s… I mean.. I.. “He stammered lost on what to say.

“Go on… Tell me more lies, Cat got your tongue high?

“Baby please it’s not what you think.”

“How long have this been going on? Beauty asked.

“Honey please…….

“You know what?I don’t care to know anymore”She said and quickly rushed to the wardrobe and brought out her boxes

“Babe please, you can’t do this please.”Idris said in tears as he tried to hold her back

“Don’t even try it…. And it’s better you don’t follow me out of this room because if the girls sees you begging and ask why I will gladly tell me what a cheat of a husband you are.”
Having said that, she rolled her boxes out of the room and went into the children’s room

“Jewel and Joan… Pack your clothes, we are going… Somewhere.”Beauty said as she started bringing out their clothes from the wardrobe

“Mom are we going on holidays? Jewel asked as they put their clothes into their box.

“Yes.. Beauty answered

“Yepee… Is Daddy coming with us? “Joan asked

“You girls ask a lot of questions.Let’s go please.” Beauty almost yelled.

The girls where surprised,they quickly zipped their box and they left the room.

Idris stood the window and watch in tears as his wife drove out of the compound.
He never wanted this to happen. He allowed Vicky to blackmail him because he didn’t want his wife to find out,He loves his wife and doesn’t want to loose her that’s why he kept dancing to Vicky’s tone.

Mrs Blessing,Beauty’s school mother who lead her to Christ during their secondary school days was in her room when she had a sudden burden to pray for Beauty and her marriage. She quickly started praying as she was lead by the holy Spirit. After praying for some minutes, she took her phone called Beauty

Beauty was in the bathroom crying her eyes out. Ever since they got to the hotel, she locked herself in the bathroom crying. She never imagined that her husband would cheat on her. She wondered where she had gone wrong that pushed him to do what he did.
She heard her phone ring but she wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. The girls kept knocking on the bathroom door with her phone.
She waited for them but stop but


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