I love my wife episode 6

I love my wife
Chapter 6

“Hello Beauty how are you ? Mrs Blessing asked immediately Beauty picked her call.

“Good evening mum, am fine ma”Beauty responded coldly.

“Are you sure you are okay? She asked

“Yes MA.”

Mrs Blessing was not convinced that she was okay.something in her kept telling her something was wrong.

“Beauty, I know all is not well. I don’t really know what it is that is wrong in your marriage but I would want to take it to Jesus.”She said

Beauty could not hold back her tears anymore and she let it all out.

“Mum… Do you.. Do you know…”Beauty couldn’t speak, she was crying seriously.

“It’s okay dear, stop crying.. Where are you right now?

“Am in a hotel with the kids.”Beauty managed to say

“Jesus, has it gotten to the extent of leaving your matrimonial home? Look Beauty, I want you to go back home and make peace with your husband. I don’t even want to know what went wrong but you can let it all out to Jesus. He will heal your marriage.”

“Mum I can’t go back home.”

“Oh yes you will.. Infact you are going right away. I am like a mother to you over these years. I won’t device you and I won’t be pleased with you if you defy me. Go home and amend your home dear.”

“Alright MA, thank you.”

“You are welcome dear, greet the girls for me.”

“Alright, I will.”

Beauty sighed as she dropped the phone. She knows better than to disobey her school mother. She decided to go back home the next day cos it was already late.


Idris went to work looking very tired.he had eye bags because he couldn’t sleep last night. He kept calling his wife but it wasn’t connecting. He guessed she must have blocked his line.

He went straight to Vicky’s office,Vicky walked up to him with a smile to hug him but he blocked her. He brought out an envelope and gave to her. She took it and opened it. She had shock written all over her face as she read the content.

“You want to resign? Why? What for? She asked.

“I can no longer work with the devil.”He responded coldly

“Oh… I see, it seems you want your wife to find out about our little secret.”Vicky said smiling wickedly.

Idris scoffed “My wife already knows so no need.”

“Oh”Vicky said in surprise.

“Thank you so much for ruining my life. “Idris said and then left the office banging the door.

Idris came back home and found out that the door he locked before leaving was open. He became scared wondering if thieves had invaded their house. He quietly walked into the house.
He saw Jewel and Joan on the floor playing while his wife was on the couch watching TV. He was so happy that they came back.

“Baby”He called excitedly

“Daddy!The girls screamed as they ran to him

Beauty sighed, got up from the couch and left the sitting room.

Beauty was in the guest room when Idris entered. He quickly went on his knees.

“Baby am sorry… I know I wronged you but please forgive me. Please come back to the room. I can’t stay without you.”He pleaded but Beauty was not moved. She continued pressing her phone.

“Babe. “Idris called as he touched her arm

“Get your filthy hands off me…look Idris, I came back here not because I wanted,so while am still here please stay far away from me.”She warned and walked away from him.

To be continued

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