I love my wife episode 2

I love my wife

Chapter 2

“For the past 4 years now, this company has been one of the best…. We have.. I mean we…. Idris stammered as he felt Victoria’s (Vicky for short) leg touching his thighs under the table.
Everyone in the board meeting was confused as to why Idris was stammering all of a sudden except Vicky. She alone knows the game she was playing.
Idris stood up abruptly from his seat seeing Vicky wasn’t ready to stop her silly games.

“Sorry for earlier.. Let me stand rather stand.”He said with a smile. “So as I saying, this company has managed to maintain its position as one of the best in this country for the past 4 years. But recently, some of our investors are complaining about our incompetence. I don’t know what’s going on but I would want us all to sit up. We can’t afford any more mistakes. Buckle up and let’s take this company to the next level. Do you get me?

“Yes sir “They all responded except Vicky.
She is the boss. Her father owns the company and she has been the one managing it for so many years now. While Idris works under her as her personal adviser. At 40,she still looks very Young and beautiful.Marriage is the last time on her mind. She just Wants to be free.,date the younger men and have fun. She had been making passes at Idris for the past few months but Idris wasn’t ready to do anything silly with her.

“Alright, you may all go back to your duty posts. “Idris said and everyone left except Vicky.

“Vicky, what was that for? Idris asked angrily

“You and I know what I want from you handsome.”Vicky replied with a wink.

“And you and I know that what you are asking for is impossible…I Am married for cry out loud.”

“And so? Yes I know you are married. Look it’s not like I want you all to myself. I just want to have a taste of you.”

“That will never happen.”

“Really? Vicky asked with a devilish smile as she stood to her feet. ”we will see about that handsome.”She said and walked away

“MA, my husband is a chronic cheat. I have caught him severely..i really use to love him but now… I don’t even know what I feel for him”Beauty listened as her client narrate her story. As a marriage counselor she had handled cases like this severely. Beauty wondered if all married men were cheats. She wondered what she would do if her husband happens to cheat on her.

“Are you ready to work on your marriage? Beauty asked

“Yes MA.thats why am here”

“Okay…. So you said you don’t know what you feel for your husband anymore.. can you describe how you feel?”Beauty said

“I don’t really know.. Sometimes I feel pity for him.. For me.. For us. Sometimes I feel so much hatred for him. But I really want my marriage to work at least for the sake of our kids.”

“Alright, I will like to meet your husband too. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed not endured. We will have to book another appointment with you and your husband let’s see what God will do.. Okay”Beauty said with an assuring smile

“Alright MA.”

Beauty was in the kitchen making dinner when her husband entered into the kitchen after freshen up. He had been back from work some minutes back

“Hey babe… You seem lost, what are you thinking?”Idris asked as he opened the fridge and took out a packet of orange juice.

Beauty sighed and dropped the knife she was using to cut vegetables. Her husband was right. Ever since she spoke with her client,she couldn’t get her off her mind. Not like she hasn’t handled such cases before but she felt somehow drown to the lady.

“It’s about a client.”She replied

“Okay, what about her?”Idris asked as he drank his juice.
Beauty went ahead and narrate the lady’s story to him.
“The case of cheating spouses is really getting out of hand….. I wonder what I would do if you happen to cheat on me. I don’t think I will take it.”Beauty said and Idris choke on his drink and started coughing.

“Sorry.. Are you Okay?? Beauty asked as she pet her back.

“Yeah,am fine…. Babe, you know I love you so much and I can never cheat on you…after God, you and the girls are my top priority .”He said

“Thanks for the assurance”Beauty said with a smile giving him a peck.

To be continued

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