I love my wife episode 10

Tittle :I love my wife.
Chapter 10

“I love my wife so much. I really do and heaven knows that. I know I hurt her by cheating on her and I am really sorry about that. She never gave me a chance to explain. Vicky my boss was hitting on me but I always turned her down telling her that I am happily married but she wouldn’t give up. She called me into the office and gave me two envelopes. One was a promotion letter and a cheque of 2million Naira and the other was a dismissal letter. She said if I should sleep with her I will get promoted and also get 2million Naira. And if I refuse I would be sacked. I slept with her not because I wanted to keep the Job but because my wife’s mom needed it for her tumor operation. I had to lie to my wife that a friend gave me the money. Vicky who promised it was going to be just once started asking for more. She threatened to send our s*x video to my wife if I don’t give in to her demand. I never knew she made a video of us. Because I love my wife so much and doesn’t want to loose her,i gave in to demand and started an affair with her..Am not proud of what I did, and I had to quit my job when my wife found out.”Idris narrated.

Seated in the living room was Mrs Blessing, Idris and Beauty.
Beauty was surprised to see her in their house early in the morning without even informing her she was coming. Mrs Blessing had to tell her that her husband told her what has been happening so she decided to come .

Beauty was surprised when her husband said he got the money for her mother’s treatment from his boss. She never imagined her husband would go such a length to save her mother.

“Okay,before I say anything… Beauty do you have anything to say? Mrs Blessing asked and Beauty shaked her head negatively.

“Okay… Let me start with you Idris”Mrs Blessing said and Idris shifted uncomfortably on his seat.

” You did not only wrong your wife but you wronged God too. You broke your marital vow. Marriage should be between a man and a wife. The Bible says that a man will leave his father and mother and that also includes other women outside and then cling to his wife. When your boss started making passes at you why didn’t you tell your wife about it? You gave room to the devil and he came into your family. That you needed money for your mother in laws operation is not a justification for you what you did. What happened to going on your knees praying to God to provide the money through a genuine means? And you couldn’t even tell your wife when she started blackmailing you. Why then did you marry her if you can’t open up to her. She is you and you are her. You both are one.”She said as she stared from Idris to Beauty.

“Do you know that the moment a spouse cheats against the other that the life of such fellow is turned upside down? Nothing and I mean nothing will ever go well with that person.
You will loose your peace of mind, you will loose focus. None of your prayers will ever be heard by God. You become a slave to the kingdom of darkness and lots more. God is really interested in marriages. It is an institution made by God.

Our life partners should always be our top priority. Do you know that the secret of a successful man lays on how well you treat your wife? When you treat her right and she is happy with you, then she prays for you from the depth of her heart and heaven will honor her prayers. But when you treat her badly, she will have a different prayer point which is for you to change instead of praying for your success….Idris I thank God you realized your mistake in time.” She concluded and then took a sip from the glass of water on the table beside her.

“Now to you Beauty. “She said turning to face Beauty.
“We all know it hurts to be cheated on but why can’t you just forgive and forget? You are supposed to be a born again Christian. What happened to the popular verse in the Bible that says forgive us our trespasses just the way we forgive those who trespassed against us? Do you not know that if you should drop dead now you are going to hell because of unforgiveness? No one is perfect my dear and no one is immune to temptation.

You are a marriage counselor,you serve other peoples marriages and you can’t even save yours?
Look, the devil is so out for marriages this time around. He knows that to get more soul he has to go through marriages because he knows marriage means alot to God and the weapon he uses is infidelity. Both male and female now cheats in marriage which hereby leads to divorce. Beauty you know what am talking about because you are a marriage counselor.

The fate of your marriage depends on how well you handle the matter. Your husband has realized his mistakes and he is sorry.
it’s either you allow God save your marriage or you let Satan destroy it. The ball is in your court.”Mrs blessing concluded.

to be continued.

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