I love my wife episode 7

Tittle :I love my wife
Chapter 7

Idris was going into the living room when she had Jewel and Joan discussing something seriously. He had to eavesdrop to know what they were saying.

“Mummy and Daddy has really changed, Dad is not longer cheerful and mum is always shouting at him…I think something is wrong.”Joan said

“Yes….we no longer pray together,Mum and Dad no more play like they use to.”Jewel responded

“I miss the way our family use to be. I wish we can still go back to that way.” Joan said sadly

“Me too… Why don’t we go and ask mum what is really happening?

“Yes Jewel.. You are right. Let’s go.” they both left for their mom’s room

Idris was almost in tears. He really felt for the kids. It’s been over two month yet Beauty has refused to forgive him.
She stopped talking entirely and doesn’t cook for him anymore. He tried everything possible to make her forgive him but she wouldn’t. He wanted to involve her mother to know if she will listen to her mother and forgive her but he thought against it. He didn’t want his wife’s family to see him as an infidel.

Beauty was dressing to go out when the girls entered her room looking moody. She was alerted,even though she wasn’t in good terms with her husband but she doesn’t joke with her kids. They are her priority.

“Hey girls… What’s wrong with you? You don’t look cheerful, is anything wrong? She asked.

“No mom,we just want to talk to you about something.”Joan said

“Wow… My girls want to discuss with me. Okay, mummy is all ears.”Beauty said with a smile as she sat down on the bed to listen to them.

“Mom, we wanted to know is something is wrong ” Jewel said

“Wrong? How? I don’t get you.”Beauty said confused on what they were driving at.

“we no longer play nor pray together like we use to. Daddy doesn’t look happy anymore and you are always shouting at him whenever he talks to you.”Joan said sadly.

“Oh.. I…I mean.. Beauty shuttered. She didn’t even know what to say to them. She knew the girls were right. She just found it hard to forgive her husband. She never imagined that her husband whom she loves so much could cheat on her.

“You know what girls… Why don’t we talk about this when I come back? Mummy is really have to go somewhere, but we will discuss about it when am back okay.” Beauty said with a smile.

“Alright mom.”they responded

“So what do I get for you while returning?”

“Vanilla ice-cream.”Jewel shouted excitedly

“I want chocolate ice cream.”Joan said excitedly too.

“Alright, I promise to get it for you.”

“Thanks mom.”they said and hugged her, then left the room.

Beauty sighed and then resumed what she was doing. She wanted go and see Walter,a friend she met two weeks ago in the supermarket.
She dropped her purse on the counter after paying for what she bought.
Walter saw it and ran after her with it and then gave it to her. They exchanged contacts and have been speaking on phone since then.

Walter seemed to be a nice man, He cared after her and always call to check up on her even though he knows she’s married.
He had pleaded for over a week to have lunch with her but she always came up with some excuses till she ran out of excuses and decided to hang out with him.

Walter was sitting in the restaurant waiting for Beauty. He had sent her the address of the restaurant and she said she was on her way.
He looked at his watch and the looked at the entrance door.Beauty was twenty minutes late.
He decided to wait.
Soon, Beauty arrived wearing a sweet smile.

“Am so sorry to keep you waiting, the traffic held me.”She said as
she took her seat.

“It’s okay dear, thank God you are here…. You look beautiful by the way.”Walter said with a smile

“Thank you… You look good too.”Beauty replied.

“Thanks dear…. Let’s make some orders. ”

Walter called a waiter who took their orders.
They ate in silence but Beauty couldn’t keep her eyes off him.The first time they met Beauty had no time to look at him very well but sitting close to him made her see his features clearly.
Her husband is handsome but Walter looks way too handsome than her husband.

Walter is a tall chocolate skin guy with a neat beards. He has a perfect gap teeth and a dimple that shows off whenever he smiled. He was wearing a body tight shirt which shows all his muscles.

“Are you okay? He asked when he noticed her staring at him.

“Oh… Am fine.”She responded realizing she has been caught staring. Walter smiled knowing the effects he has on women. Many of them droll over him.
He reached out and cleaned something off her cheek and she blushed. She thanked God she’s dark skinned otherwise Walter would have caught her blushing.

“Sorry, something was on your face.”He said still smiling.

“Oh… Thank you.” She replied shyly.

She wondered what was really wrong with her. Why would she feel this smitten by Walter and why she would compare his looks with her husband’s.

“Hope you are enjoying the meal?”Walter asked

“Yea,sure… I’m.”

“This is where I normally eat, I know you will love their food.”He said

“I see… Their food is really nice.”

“Yea, it really is.”Walter answered and they continued eating in silence

To be continued

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