I Love My Wife

I ~love my wife~
Chapter 1

“When Jesus is in the family.. Happy, happy home.. Happy, happy home.
When Jesus is in the family.. Happy, happy home…happy, happy home. “Beauty sang with Jewel and Joan, her twin girls of 6 years.

They were in the kitchen, Beauty was making a dinner of chicken sauce and rice while the girls were washing dishes.

“Mum I want to be a good cook just like you.. Please will you teach me how to cook? Jewel said

“Of course I will… But not today.I need to be fast with the food before your Dad comes back.”Beauty replied with a smile.

“Alright mum.”

“What about you Joan? don’t you want to learn how to cook? Beauty asked

“No mum.. Cooking is a very stressful work. When I get married, I will have a lot of House helps that will be doing all the chores for me just like I use to watch in the movies.”Joan replied

Beauty was shocked and at the same time pissed at her. Joan was becoming too lazy for her liking.

“Listen young girl.. You will not turn lazy in my house. Don’t you know your house will chase you out of his house because of laziness? Besides, don’t you look at me your mother? I do my chores all by myself and I don’t have a house help. Every woman who can do her chores all by herself is a super woman. I am a super woman, don’t you want to be a super woman?

“I do.”Joan replied

“Hmmmm… My super woman and her super girls.”Idris her husband said standing at the kitchen door.
Beauty and the girls were so engrossed with their discussion that they didn’t hear him drive in.

“Daddy, Daddy!” the girls shouted as they ran to embrace him. Idris scooped them into his arms beaming with smile.

“How are you both doing?”He asked

“We are fine”They chorused

“And how was school?”

“School was fine just that Joan made me copy her note. She was too lazy to write.”Jewel replied

“What… Is that true Joan? “Idris asked with a fake frown and Joan nodded shyly

“Don’t you know you are a girl and it’s very bad for a girl to be lazy? Don’t make others do your work for you next time.. Do you get me? Idris scolded.

“Yes Dad.”

“That’s good… Alright girls, I got something for you. It’s on the dinning table, why not go and check it out. “He said dropping them.

“Yesssss…”The girls screamed as they ran out of the kitchen.

Idris walked to his wife and hugged her from behind. He placed his nose on her hair and inhaled her hair. He loves doing that. He likes the smell of her hair cream.

“And how is my big girl doing? He asked smiling.

“I thought you will never ask.. You were busy with your daughters that you didn’t even notice me.”Beauty said with a frown as she turned to face him

Idris let out a laugh “Babe… Don’t tell me you are Jealous.”He teased

“No am not.”She replied sharply.

“Yes you are.”

“You are so impossible.” Beauty said shaking her head, with a smile playing on her lips.

“Don’t be jealous okay.. You are still my favorite.”He said with a wink and Beauty couldn’t hold back her laughter

“Huummm… I can perceive the aroma of your succulent food..the worms in my stomach are yearning to have a taste.”Idris said as he tried to open the pot but Beauty quickly beat his hand off the pot.

“Go and freshen up first, your food will be ready before you are done.”Beauty said with a smile

“Alright then”He said and pecked her on the forehead. “You are the best”He said with a wink and dashed out of the kitchen leaving Beauty smiling all to herself.

To be continued

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