I love my wife episode 9

:I love my wife
Chapter 9

“You don’t look too happy.. Is anything the matter? Walter asked her seeing how moody she looks.

“No am not.”She replied as tears made its way down her cheeks.

“You told me earlier that if you were my husband, you will stick to me and never look outside… Well, I seem not to be enough for my husband.”She responded still in tears..
“He….. He… Che…..”She couldn’t speak anymore as she cried. Walter quickly went over to her and hugged her.

“Ssshhh….. It’s okay dear. Don’t cry anymore. ” He said petting her back.
Beauty held unto him tightly as she felt comforted. Soon her cry died down. Walter broke off the hug and stared into her eyes.
Beauty was already melting under his eyes. There’s something about him that draws her to him.

“You are beautiful.”He said to her

“Thank you.”She replied with a blush
Walter quickly bend down and took her mouth into his.At first Beauty was lost and confused but soon she started responding to the kiss.
Walter who saw that Beauty was responding,started unbuttoning her shirt.

Beauty quickly realized herself as the made to unbutton the last button.

“No… I can’t do this.”She said and push him away. Walter was surprised.he thought Beauty wanted him as much as he wanted her.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want me? He asked

“I don’t… I can’t cheat on my husband.”Beauty replied as she button up her shirt

“But he cheated on you”

“Yes he did but I will never be like him…. Am out of here.” She took her bag and stormed out of the house.

“Wait Beauty, it’s late already.”Walter said as he ran after her. Beauty didn’t stop she was bent on leaving.

“Okay. I know you want to leave but let me drop you off.”He said and Beauty stopped.

“Walter I can find my way home…. Please I don’t want to see you again. don’t call or chat me up anymore. We can never work out. Am a married women.”Beauty said and walked out of the compound.

Idris was really disturbed. He kept looking at the clock as he paced the living room.
It’s already past 9pm and his wife was not yet home. He kept calling her line but it was switched off. He knew she hadn’t decide to leave again because she can’t leave without taking the kids or her bags. He was only scared of something bad happening to her.

He decided to call her family to know if she came to the house. He dialed Emma’s number and he picked on the second ring.

“Hello good evening sir.”Emma greeted cheerfully.

“Good evening too Emma, how are you and mama doing? ”

“We are doing well sir.. Mama is perfectly okay now all thanks to you and Sister.”

“We thank God that she is okay now… Erm… Is my wife there with you guys? Idris asked

“No oh… Is she not at home?

“Yeah… But don’t worry maybe she’s held up in the traffic.”

“Okay.. Greet her for me when she comes back.”Emma said

“Alright.. My regards to mama.” He hanged up and sat down on the couch.

“where could she be?” He asked himself worriedly.

Immediately his phone rang, he quickly rushed to it thinking it’s his wife calling but he found out it’s Mrs Blessing.
He had met with her for about 3 times since he got married to the wife. He knows how close his wife is to her and how Mrs Blessing has treated his wife like her biological sister.

“Is my wife with her? He wondered.
He quickly picked the call to know what she has to say.

“Hello Mr Idris good evening.”She greeted

“Good evening too Mrs Blessing..how are you and the family?

“We are all fine, thank you.”


“I have been trying to reach your wife all evening and her line is switched off. Is she there with you? I want to speak to her.”Mrs Blessing said

“No MA, she not here… Infact I don’t know were she is.”

“Are you serious? What’s happening?

“I don’t know what is wrong with my wife.. I.. I cheated on her but I have pleaded and pleaded but she refused to forgive me. Is she not supposed to be a Christian? Why can’t she forgive me? It’s really affecting our home. I have never told anyone what has been happening in our marriage but I think you deserve to know maybe she will listen to you.”Idris said

“Oh my God..this is serious. You know what? I will come to the house tomorrow to see you both… But please let me know when she’s back.”

“Okay MA, thank you very much”

Immediately Idris dropped the call Beauty entered. He quickly rushed to her excitedly.
“Oh my God, you scared me.. Where have you been? Are you okay?
Beauty hissed at him and walked past him.

To be continued.

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