I love my wife episode 8

I love my wife

Chapter 8

It was 6 o’clock in the evening and Beauty was in her room grinning as she was chatting with Walter on the phone. She enjoys chatting with him that she is always glued to her phone waiting for his message.
She had made Noodles for the girls earlier and retired to her room without serving her husband any.

She giggled as she read his texted. Walter had told her he found her smile Captivating and that was what attracted him to her.

“Really…but you have a better smile than me. Your dimples shows when you smile.”She quickly texted back and waited for his reply.

“You know what? “Walter texted.

“What? She replied wondering what he wanted to say.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever come across.. You are intelligent, and heavily endowed..I am jealous of your husband. If I am your husband, I will stay glued to you and never look outside.”He texted.

Beauty smiled as she read the text.
Here is someone who finds her very attractive and her husband has the nerve to cheat on her. I wondered what Vicky has that she doesn’t.

“Am blushing… Thanks for the complements.”She replied

Just then her husband walked into the room, she quickly texted “I will be right back” to Walter and dropped her phone.

“What do you want here? She asked her husband angrily.

“Am here to talk things over with you.”

“I don’t want to talk about anything… Can you please leave my room.”She replied

“When is all this going to stop Beauty… I still love you. Let’s go back to how we use to be.”

“You still love me huh? She asked as she got up from the bed and approached him. “You love me yet you cheated.. You love me yet you preferred Vicky.”She said pushing him

“Honey it’s not what you think… I can explain.”
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“Explain what? She yelled. “Explain how you spend nights with Vicky with the excuse of traveling for work? Explain how you made a fool out of me… I hate you so much Idris,I do.”She said still yelling. She was so aggressive that she started scattering the room. She brought down the television and broke it on the floor. Removed the bedspread and tore it up.
The more she remember it the more it hurts her. She was determined to pay him back in his own coin.
Idris was really scared to go close to her.. He had never seen his wife so angry before.

“Get out of this room now before I do something stupid.”She yelled and Idris quickly left the room.

Beauty needed somewhere to calm down,She has been carrying a lot of anger towards her husband and she decided to let it all out.

She took her phone and called Walter to come pick her up at the junction.She had been declining his invitation to come to his place but now she needs a shoulder to cry on and the perfect person for that is Walter.

She left the house without one word to her husband. She went to the junction and stood waiting for Walter. He arrived 15 minutes later and she got into the car.

“Are you okay?”Walter asked worriedly and she nodded. Walter decided to let her be.
In less than 20 minutes they were in his place.
He lives in a very big mansion. Way too bigger than the house Beauty bought with her husband.
The compound was decorated with different types of flowers. It has a swimming pool that the extreme.
There’s also a gym house and a seat out there.

Beauty could not help but admire the house.
“You like it? Walter asked as he noticed her staring.

“Yeah… It’s beautiful.”She responded

“Let’s go inside”Walter said and took her by the hands and lead her inside.

He lead her to the couch and she sat down.
“Make yourself comfortable while I get something for you.”He said and left for the kitchen before Beauty could respond.
He soon came back with a glass of orange juice which he handed over to her.
They was total silence as Beauty sip her juice


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