I love my wife episode 4

I love my wife.
Chapter 4

it was Sunday afternoon,Beauty and her family Were at the dinning having lunch of Vegetable soup and Garri.They decide to try something new after the girls complained about being tired of eating rice every Sunday.

“I spoke with Emma yesterday, he said mama is responding to treatment.”Beauty said with a smile and Idris nodded obviously enjoying his meal.

“Honey thank you for everything. Without you my mom would probably been dead. Thank God for touching your friend to give you the money needed for her treatment.”Beauty said

“Oh… Yes, God is great.”He replied and they continued to eat in silence.

“Oh yes… Honey, I forgot to tell you. That my client I told you about has reconciled with her husband. They are good now. “Beauty said

“Wow… That’s wonderful. You did your thing. You did your magic on them.”

“Yes, that’s my job right.. But seriously I don’t know why this issue of unfaithfulness is much in marriages today. If the husband is not cheating then it’s the wife… May God have mercy.”Beauty said with a sad tone

“Mummy, what will you do if daddy cheats on you? Joan asked innocently. Though she doesn’t know what cheating means but she knows it’s not good considering the fact that she had heard her mother talk about it must time she talk about her job.

Idris choked on his food, he quickly took a glass of water and gulp it down.

“Baby, your daddy is a good man and the best husband ever. So he can never cheat on me.”Beauty replied touching her cheek “Right honey?”She asked Idris staring at him

“No.. I mean yes.. Of course I can never do that. “He replied and got up from his seat

“Where are you going? You are not done with your food.”Beauty said looking surprised

“Oh… Am okay dear.thanks for the meal..i will be in the room.”He said with a smile

“Alright “Beauty replied smiling too.

Idris left for his room. He went into the bathroom and opened the tap. He splashed some water on his face and closed back the tap. He stared at himself in the mirror.

“God, what have I done? He said to himself.

Ever since he cheated on his wife with Vicky he hadn’t had a moment of peace. He slept with Vicky,collected the cheque from her and paid for his mother in-law’s surgery though he told his wife a friend gave him the money.

Vicky wasn’t helping the matter too. She kept on calling him and sending text messages to him asking for some more.

Immediately his phone rang,

“What do you want?”He almost yelled at Vicky when he picked the call.

“Relax, Idris… You already know what I want”

“You promised me it was once… Vicky why are you doing this to me? Idris sounded frustrated

“Simple.. Because I like you. I really do. I want to keep you till I find someone better than you “Vicky replied

“You are insane”

“You are right.. Am very insane. And I will show you my insanity when I send the video of us making out to your wife.”Vicky said.

“What are you talking about? Idris asked

“Well.. Let’s say I recorded a video of us having s*x. I will send a copy to your wife if you dare me. I need you in my house in 2 hours time, and your time starts now.”Vicky said and hanged up.

Idris stood staring at himself in the mirror wondering what he got himself into.

To be continued

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