Bittered episode 7


Episode 7

“During my University days, I was a cultist and I didn’t just entered the university and then join cultism, I joined after I caught my roommate who was also my friend at that time in the room with some other guys having some what argument in the room, I had gone for an overnight reading and coming back all tired, I couldn’t knock and just want to enter the room. The last thing I heard was that

“You should have killed her hammer”, immediately I entered the room and caught the words in their mouth I wanted to pretend that I didn’t hear but I was too naive and my face could tell that I heard that. Immediately those guys left and due to my curiosity I asked my friend who killed who and was expressing my sadness. He didn’t say anything, he walked out and did not come back till night, when he came back I asked him the same question on who he killed and before I knew it 2 Other guys entered hit me with something and I lost my consciousness.

I don’t know how I got to a bush, blindfolded and was tied on by both hands and legs, naked.
I heard voices asking me questions and among the question were how good can I keep secrets, “I promise never to divulge any information please let me be” those were the words I told them but instead of them to listen and free me, they keep beating me and causing me pains and I was asked to join their fraternity with so much punishment, I was made to join their fraternity and that was it”….

“So you were a cultist” Helen said with surprises screaming in her eyes

“Yes I was and more secrets to come… After joining the fraternity there is this thing that comes with the power, and you feel saved from oppression except you will be the one to oppress, before joining cultism most ladies always don’t like associating with me because my parents are not wealthy and I can’t provide their needs and after the fraternity I wanted to use it as an opportunity to teach many ladies on campus lessons and I had told myself.

This involve me in R@pe, yes you heard me, I am a R@pist, I do this alone and with time I started loving how those ladies will beg me and cry for them to be free by me and I would do all dangerous things to them, as if that wasn’t satisfying enough, I then initiated gang raping to most of my guys, this fraternity seems to use wicked acts as competition, our leader as at that time was in his finals and since we were almost in the end of semester, we will appoint new leader and being a leader commands more respect, I want to attain the leader position so bad so I became noticeable in the fraternity with crazy things I had done. But mostly deal wickedly with ladies.

If I asked lady out and she refused, My team and I would gang rape and I derives pleasure, joy and satisfaction in the tears, pains, this ladies had to go through when we are done, we threaten them that if they speak up we will kill them. Even If I will have sex willingly it has to be BDSM which is Bondage, Dominant,Sadism and masochism a sexual activities that comes with tying up, beating and doing all sort of wicked things to my partner.

I became the leader of my fraternity and continue with my atrocities, oppress people, lecturers, and I couldn’t have sex with a lady without causing them pains, I became addictive to it, it gave me so much pleasure, I feel like a boss when it happens, With time I started enjoying causing pains to bring blood and bruises, I will have to make sure my guys brutalize before making me sleep with any of my victim
this happened till I was in my finals and I will leave the fraternity but before I left, the sacrifice to make before my successor can attain my position is to do the most hurtful thing to whomever I love so much and dear to me,
I don’t have a girlfriend, either mother but I have….

To Be Continued….

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